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  1. Yeah that kind of info is not available (only if a book is SS or not), though I wish it was, would be super helpful to see the rarity of some signature combos. Obviously some SS are more rare than others
  2. You can always see if CCS can remove it (pressing and restoration/restoration removal services and partner company of CGC). Or you could go to the competition (CBCS) and see if they can red-label grade it wherein they use a 3rd party antique/celebrity autograph certification service to verify the signature
  3. Not to necessarily push you to the competition but CBCS does have a Red Label Service wherein they will have a 3rd party authenticate that the signature is legitimate through scientific means which I would argue is better than green label. I am hoping that CGC will do the same one day but I have an odd feeling CBCS will see that as an assault on their intellectual property
  4. It is hard to say. Honestly, if you want to know for certain in the best possible way, I hate to say this but I'd recommend going to the competitor CBCS and getting it red label graded. They use a 3rd party to authenticate signatures using the latest scientific methods
  5. Stan Lee will be at Tampa Bay MegaCon at the end of this month doing signings Friday - Sunday
  6. Thanks for the replies. Very helpful. Just want to put it out there that while I do consider investments in comic books, one of my favorite, perhaps my favorite Marvel villain is Rama-Tut/Kang the Conqueror and for me it is also huge to have the creator of that character to place their mark on the creation
  7. Thanks for the feedback, very helpful SO getting it signature series (the highest one) by Stan Lee would also be a mistake?
  8. Fantastic Four # 19 Worth Pressing? Desiring some input here, still getting back into the hobby and considering have a comic or two pressed to see what happens. My first one up for a possible press and re-grade is a Fantastic Four # 19. Curious what others think if it will help the grade based on the grader notes. My gut tells me no as the issues they mention don't seem to be improved with pressing. Here is the CGC grader's notes/info: Title: Fantastic Four Issue: 19 Issue Date: 10/63 Issue Year: 1963 Publisher: Marvel Comics Grade: 9.2 Total Graded At: 13 Page Quality: WHITE Grade Date: 12/29/2014 Category: Universal Art Comments: Stan Lee story Jack Kirby and Ayers art Jack Kirby and Paul Reinman cover Key Comments: 1st appearance of Rama-Tut. Letter from Steve Gerber. Full page ad for X-Men #1 Grader Notes: Back Cover Multiple Shadow Bottom Staple Wear Breaks Color Spine Lite Stress Lines Breaks Color Top Staple Recessed