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  1. I know there is no odd duck 1st appearance in it. Pretty sure there isn't a big time artist or writer attached. I don't believe the print run is lower than the rest of the series (at least not significantly). What the heck could cause it?
  2. So, I have been trying to fill holes in some of my jademan collections and usually I can grab these comics in dollar bins but I recently came across one that was crazy expensive (at least relatively) Oriental Heroes #53 Does anyone have any information on this comic as far as why it may be so much more expensive? Thank you.
  3. I know this might be a strange one to get stabbed but someone out there must have a 9.8.
  4. Would pay 150 immediately if someone has that comic. Thanks.
  5. Thank you everyone for the replies. I apologize for the duplicate thread.
  6. What is the best product to store more valuable comics in? Right now I'm just using standard bags and boards? Is there a better product out there?
  7. I will pay $125 for a slabbed 9.8 copy of this. Will throw in another 25 bucks for the promotional poster for Next Man #2 Thank you
  8. What the title says. Looking for a new mutants #98. I would like it raw but at least very fine condition. Please message me. Thank you Looking to spend under 300 for it.
  9. We are compiling an exhaustive collection of every canonical piece of the MCU and want to buy a decent storage trunk to put it all in. Looking for an MCU themed decorative piece that is quality. I thought this would be easy to find, but I have had a tough time. If anyone has knowledge of something like this please let me know. Also looking for high grade copies (raw) of the entire Captain America First Vengeance series. Thank you.
  10. There are definitely many on this list I would agree are great stories and worthy additions. I could name comic stories I love all day long of course. I am going to choose an Uncle Scrooge the Phantom of Notre Duck. I don't remember the actual issue number or anything and don't currently own this one. My mother bought me the comic in the check out aisle of a grocery store and I read it a half dozen times before we were ever home. The basics of the story has Scrooge and his nephews hunting the phantom around the Cathedral of Notre Duck. Well, many years
  11. I am going to up my price once more for this. I will pay $200 for one of these graded in 9.8
  12. I will pay $25 for a raw likely to grade 9.8. I will double that if it comes back in that grade.
  13. I bought one of these on here a number of months back. if was a signature series. now I specifically want a plain old 9.8.
  14. I know there are a ton of these out there. I am just having a hard time finding one with the stickers still included.