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  1. Here is my newly acquired grail!! Can't wait to display it!!
  2. X-Men #1 Deal? Hey Guys, Just picked this issue up. What would everyone think a good price on it would be. I wondering if I got a good deal or not? I'm very excited about it and it is now the highlight of my collection.
  3. Thank you everyone for all the amazing help, answers and recommendations!!! I have learned a lot over the last few days and super excited about collecting. 1-66 is what I'm going for and 94 on up due to everyone's feedback and yes ofcourse come back and get 67-93. I really want a nice 94 next!!
  4. Uncanny X-Men Collecting My first big purchase in the Uncanny X-men collection.... Should be fun hunting down issues and get the kids involved.
  5. Got this one after much debate!! Looking for #9 #94 next.... I also have #34,#98 and #150. Off to a good start. This is fun....
  6. My second x-men in the 1st series. Going for all 66 one day....
  7. Thank you for all the great feedback. I spent hours last night researching and I look forward to collecting #1 - #10 and I have been searching for #94. Huge Wolverine Fan! Also for some reason I am drawn to #9 right now.
  8. Comic Prices? Where is the most reliable source for comic pricing?
  9. X-men #10 1st Silver Age Price? Looking to buy X-men #10 cgc 4.0 whats a good price range?
  10. New to comics for the most part. Wanting to start collecting X-men uncanny 1st series 1963. Where do I start and what are the highlight editions? Just got #34 from a comic book store and looking to buy #10 4.0 grade. Should I look for higher grades?