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  1. Will there be a CGC booth at Cincinnati Comic Expo this year or if its just a facilitator how do I contact them?
  2. Does anyone know of a newsstand 9.8 ever showing up? I have one coming back from CGC and was just curious to the rarity.
  3. Really nice run of WWs.
  4. Hit up a couple of shops this weekend.
  5. If you ordered $10 worth of books you got free shipping. So I added 4 other dollar books to the order lol.
  6. Mail call. Got these on eBay for a buck each with free shipping.
  7. Went to a couple stores and hit up their dollar bins. One of the stores I’ve been to before and last time pulled 6-8 DCUs.
  8. Couple of pickups today.
  9. Mail call. Seller on Facebook selling these for a buck each. Should be able to tell from the pic but that is the GL51 2nd print.
  10. What's the other book in the pack?
  11. Has anyone seen one like this before? Just a random store package?
  12. Thanks. Been going after the DCU Logos for a couple years now. Gotten lucky on a few. Seems like they're starting to get even more scarce.
  13. I was the one that got that book. Got super lucky on it.