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  1. I have some complete stories from the 50's but instead I will include here a two page sequence from the Incredible Hulk #461 (1998) by David Brewer and Andrew Pepoy.
  2. Black Magic #3 (1951) art by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.
  3. Just the fact you use the term "seminal" means you are judging based on the perceived importance of the comic book feature and not on the merits of the actual inking. And while it is true that Kirby did little inking during the silver age, he did a lot of his own inking during previous periods.
  4. A list of the best inkers that includes many of Jack Kirby's inkers including Joe Simon, but does not include the Jack Kirby himself? Nobody inked Kirby better than Kirby!
  5. Yes I bought it from Ron at a comic convention.
  6. Yin and yang of my collection: Pocket Comics #4 (January 1942) by Joe Simon Captain America #2 variant cover (June 2018) by Ron Garney
  7. I guess all such things are relative, but I feel I have spent a lot of money amassing my collection. I started in the mid to late 90's and have concentrated on Simon and Kirby art. That art was pricey but no where near the cost of Kirby's silver age stuff. Up to recently I never sold anything from my collection but lately I have been selling some of the less valuable art. The little I have sold went for more than I paid for it (although I am not counting inflation effects). I have retired recently and between that and the higher prices even for Simon and Kirby art, I no longer go after the same type of art that I used to. But I have not given up collecting, but now I concentrate on recent artists whose prices I can still afford.
  8. Favorite artist(s) are Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. While I will conform with the specification that I can have only one favorite image, the truth is that ask me in a week or so and while the artists would remain the same the image may differ.
  9. Well you did ask for Sandman! LOL
  10. I never was able to afford silver age Kirby splashes or covers and now his panel pages are too costly for me. So these few are among my most cherished possessions.
  11. I really cannot disagree. But even when I picked up my pencils version of Cap 105, the better Cap covers were way out of my price range. Still even though I would not claim Cap 105 to be one of the best Kirby Caps it still has a cherished place in my collection.
  12. Considering the date that Jack did the art and the type of publication he did it for, it is very likely the original art no longer exists. At that time original comic book art was not considered valuable and Kirby was used to not having work returned to him. A publication like Esquire would not expect that they would reprint such a feature but would like to be sure no one else did. No certainty, but most likely the art was destroyed.
  13. No convention prints. Joe was always concerned about Marvel's copyrights. Remember this was after Joe and Marvel reached an agreement about the copyrights.