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  1. CGC told me the don´t ship with USPS overseas, yes. They told me about a third company, in order to use them to insure the shipment, but i dont really know how to do it. And my poor english doesn´t help me... Thanks you all
  2. Hi Everybody I live in Spain, and I would like to encapsulate some comicbooks with CGC, but i´m worried about the shipping back. I want to insure them, but CGC told me they don´t do it, that when the comics leave the USA borders, they are not insured. International members, do you use to insure your shipments? How do you do it? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi. I´m a comic fan since Big Bang (well, maybe some years later) and I live in Spain. I would like to send some comics to be graded but I still have some doubts. Thanks