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  1. I have collected since the 80’s, my main focus was Archie and Richie Rich digest. During the 90’s I started super hero and some other stuff. I never understood the variant chase or buying multiple copies or every #1 that comes out. Comics have always been about reading and admiring the artwork, I am also a sucker for a cool cover but only of what I like to read. I remember 10-15 years ago and the comic industry was in trouble. Now with all the movies and shows driving prices the industry seems to be booming. To be clear I don’t buy modern books but I am still buying old back issue books especially first appearances and cool stories. Since the new price boom I barely buy anything, I have been priced out of collecting. I still follow what’s happening but haven’t bought a comic in years. Hopefully the boom dies and people start unloading all these horded books for low prices. Collectibles always seem to go in cycles, I can’t wait for the bottom to drop out.
  2. It’s amazing how a tv show or movie can influence and drive up the value of a comics first appearance. In most cases it’s people trying to cash in on the hype. Are they creating new comic readers and collectors or just people buying up first appearance with hopes of a future profit?
  3. I agree. Tv, Netflix and movies have driven prices so crazy, I think a crash is coming. Maybe a crash isn’t the correct word but I think these over inflated prices will drop drastically. Even bad 1st appearance that are plentiful jumped a lot. It can’t last.
  4. The old flagship titles have lost their identity. The companies are so busy trying to make a cheap product that can make the most money, imo the quality just isn't there anymore. Of course there are some exceptions but in general the comic industry has become more about the money than the comic itself. Most comic collectors want a cool cover, excellent artwork and a good interesting story, the industry is failing to provide these basic wants. Why pay $5 for a poorly written and drawn modern comic that I can read in 3 minutes when I can buy a few back issues for the same money and check off all three basic wants. I think the companies need to look at what the buyer really wants. They take flagship characters that are popular and worked and changed them. Stop trying to change old characters to meet current social demands, if you want to keep with current events and pressures create a new character in the comic that fits that need.
  5. I have never bought a comic that is untouchable or not available. The most expensive comic I ever bought was IH 181 about 15 years ago for $380.
  6. They are still just reprints of comics in a collected format. I really don’t care what edition it is the cheaper the better. If there is three printings and it’s still has the same page and cover quality and size than I will go with the cheapest. There is a market for trades 1st prints but it’s not as big as many would think. Even OP books can and will likely be reprinted.
  7. I am looking forward to the new series, hopefully Marvel can dona good job. I would love to see a weekly tv show done of it, that would be awesome.
  8. I liked the original Deadpool series and I liked the first 10 issues of the new run however I think Marvel made me sick of the character.....overkill. I didn't really like the movie, again I think that Marvel made me sick of him.
  9. I stopped buying comics maybe 10 years ago. In the past few months I got the itch to collect again I was blown away by how much prices have jumped. Even crappy books that were once available everywhere and couldn’t sell is now jumped sometimes 20 times or more the price 10 years ago. I haven’t bought any I have since decided not to collect it’s not worth it as all these will drop and be easily available again in a few years. This trend won’t continue.
  10. The card hobby have moved to high end products. It isn’t a kid hobby anymore and the cards aren’t like the old stuff. Packs with four cards in it sell for $600, yes you can still get $5-10 packs but the $600 ones sell out. Cards of guys like Lebron, Sidney Crosby and whoever is the new hot baseball player can easily sell for $15,000 - $60,000. Old vintage cards that are professionally graded and in high grade are selling for millions. Look up the PSA 10 Wayne Gretzky rookie and now this week a Mickey Mantle rookie. Also go on eBay and look up a Lebron exquisite rookie card and Sidney Crosby and Mcdavid cup rookies. The hobby also have gone to epscks where you can buy packs of your favorite sets and open them online. You can redeem the cards you want. The card hobby is different but still healthy. The
  11. That is one of the coolest covers I have seen in a while. I love all the old Gold Key covers, fantastic. Thanks for showing it.
  12. Comics are still selling for ridiculous prices. If the boomers are selling off then the market is still not flooded to the point that the supply exceeds demand. I would love to see comic prices drop and for there to be a sudden flooding of the market. I collect to read and on a low budget so nothing would make me happier then to see the comic market drop. Maybe then I could own some cool older books with out breaking the bank.
  13. Best score was back in the mid 90's, I went to a flea market and bought a pile of FF from 48-60 for $5 a pop and Tomb of Dracula 1-20 for $25. At the same market I past on an Uncanny X-men for $150 as I thought it was crazy money for a comic....yikes!! In 1992 I also bought a ASM 129 and IH 181 for $120 total, great deal today, $120 seemed like a lot of money back then esp for a university student. My biggest regret was selling off 90% of my collection around 15 years ago, I missed the big price jump in the industry. I had some silver and most all bronze and copper age keys and a near complete run of ASM 100-400. I would love to have my collection back just for reading, I will never be able to purchase them back as comic prices have gone crazy.