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  1. Not sure either really matters. On most forums members post lots of pointless threads just to boost their post count. Not sure I understand why people would think their post count matters. Join date matters more if selling or buying but otherwise that don’t really matter either. I don’t mind that it’s on the profile and not posted on every post the users make. I joined in 2005 and have a little over 4200 post. I visit the site everyday and ready most of the new post. I don’t see how either reflects on me as a person.
  2. Anyone have any new Archie comics to show or something from their collection? I would love to see this thread come back to life. I will dig out a few and post later tonight.
  3. I'm still amazed at how high a lot of these fairly common comics have jumped in price all due to movies and tv/Netflix shows. Comics like She-Huk 1, ASM 361 and lots more that just 5-10 years ago you could find probably 10-20 copies at any time in every comic shop at $5-10 each. These books are not rare, there are lots available in every grade. I just think that in the next 5 years there is going to be a massive crash in price for all these books and they will go back to the old prices. I think the big keys like Hulk 181, ASM 129 and some of the others will hold but all of these others won't keep value.
  4. Last night I was chatting with a buddy who owns a store and does some shows. He said that he experienced a nice rise in sales in the past years due to the movies. He said he still had his regular weekly and monthly hard core old time collectors but he seen a nice addition of new collectors that was 20-30 years old. He said it was people caught up in the hype from the movies. He said they only wanted keys and first appearances, they weren't looking for runs or anything new just keys and mini series that tied into the movies. He said over the past 6 months that has all but dried up and now it's just the hard core older collectors buying. He also mentioned that during the movie hype years he also seen a big rise in people buying multiple copies of the same book, people trying to invest. He said people also would ask about other first appearances that MIGHT turn into a movie or Netflix show. He said that has dried up as well, just his regular collectors now. He figures in another 6 months to a year he will see a lot of those movie and Netflix hype collectors selling off the comics they bought, he said he has already had people inquiry with him if he is looking to buy their books.
  5. kidcolt

    Mystery Box

    Definitely interested to see what you get. I don't have any experience with comic mystery boxes but I do have experience with Hockey card mystery boxes. There was some okay stuff in there, value was higher than I paid but there was nothing popular or hot in there. It was just older back stock that wasn't selling, BV was more than I paid but actual buy/sell value was about 10% of what I paid. I would expect the same with these comic lots. I wouldn't expect anything popular or hot just some popular titles mixed with some drek. It's easy to do a $50 comic value however you could probably buy the comics in there for $10 online or at a local shop. Good luck, I am looking forward to the results.
  6. Postage cost is another big factor for me. I don't live anywhere near a comic shop so I rely on the internet. Shipping cost to Canada is crazy, it usual add $20 more for a comic. It's too the point that it either has to be a real expensive key or I have to buy in bulk.
  7. I have a 18 year old son, he use to collect sports cards and comics however this was only because I did and he wanted similar interest. Since he was 13 he hasn’t had any interest in either and none of his friends collect. My son is a athlete and very out going, he isn’t into video games either. At card shops and shows I rarely see anyone under the age of 30 with any interest in comics. If there are young kids they are usually there with their dad or mom sharing an interest but don’t seem to into it. I really think the comic industry especially back issues are in trouble and will he is a lot of trouble in another 20 years. I think the hobby has already seen its resurgence which came from the movie franchises. I think it’s all down hill from there. Too be honest I hope it is. IMO prices jumped way to high too fast. As an older collector it shocks me to see how expensive some of the over and poorly produced comics sell for. I understand the key first appearance taking a jump but there is a lot of drek out there, I can’t see all of that staying hot. People bought as investment and hope, there won’t be enough demand for the amount of it that was produced.
  8. How do Immortal Hulk compare to the Bruce Jones Hulk issues? I really enjoyed those issues.
  9. But they sent their best from their leagues where as Canada and the USA didn't because they were considered professional. They didn't dominate in the Canada Cup and Olympics after professionals were invited and it was best on best. I guess Russia was a dynasty for amateur hockey.
  10. Interesting topic, I am enjoying all the comments. I haven't bought a new comic in about 10 years, however I keep wanting to jump back in. Prices are a big issue for me. A single comic just cost too much for what you get. $5 for 1 book that I can read from the shop to my truck...sad! Instead of buying new I just buy old back issues that I know are good reading material. Most of us grew up reading the flagship titles. I wish Marvel and DC could at least put their top writers and artist on these titles. Stop messing with characters that worked for 50 years and produce some quality comics. I wish they were more concerned with keeping customers happy and producing a good solid comic like they did for years. Books like Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Avengers, Batman, Detective, Superman etc should be priority. There is noting wrong with new characters just don't neglect the characters that older fans want to read. As someone mentioned earlier its all about flashy and multiple variant covers, and relaunching #1 issues which only ends up making collectors mad screwing up their # runs on books.
  11. I have collected since the 80’s, my main focus was Archie and Richie Rich digest. During the 90’s I started super hero and some other stuff. I never understood the variant chase or buying multiple copies or every #1 that comes out. Comics have always been about reading and admiring the artwork, I am also a sucker for a cool cover but only of what I like to read. I remember 10-15 years ago and the comic industry was in trouble. Now with all the movies and shows driving prices the industry seems to be booming. To be clear I don’t buy modern books but I am still buying old back issue books especially first appearances and cool stories. Since the new price boom I barely buy anything, I have been priced out of collecting. I still follow what’s happening but haven’t bought a comic in years. Hopefully the boom dies and people start unloading all these horded books for low prices. Collectibles always seem to go in cycles, I can’t wait for the bottom to drop out.
  12. It’s amazing how a tv show or movie can influence and drive up the value of a comics first appearance. In most cases it’s people trying to cash in on the hype. Are they creating new comic readers and collectors or just people buying up first appearance with hopes of a future profit?
  13. I agree. Tv, Netflix and movies have driven prices so crazy, I think a crash is coming. Maybe a crash isn’t the correct word but I think these over inflated prices will drop drastically. Even bad 1st appearance that are plentiful jumped a lot. It can’t last.
  14. The old flagship titles have lost their identity. The companies are so busy trying to make a cheap product that can make the most money, imo the quality just isn't there anymore. Of course there are some exceptions but in general the comic industry has become more about the money than the comic itself. Most comic collectors want a cool cover, excellent artwork and a good interesting story, the industry is failing to provide these basic wants. Why pay $5 for a poorly written and drawn modern comic that I can read in 3 minutes when I can buy a few back issues for the same money and check off all three basic wants. I think the companies need to look at what the buyer really wants. They take flagship characters that are popular and worked and changed them. Stop trying to change old characters to meet current social demands, if you want to keep with current events and pressures create a new character in the comic that fits that need.