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  1. Most of collection is a reader collection. I usually go for anything complete with both staples attached and if possible no writing on the cover. I am not to concerned with corners or even a crease. I don't buy and damp smelly comics. When my son was that age I bought him the same as I just mentioned. He bagged and boarded everything and it gave him a great understanding of how to look after his books. He is 19 now and don't collect anymore however he still got his collection neatly organized in his bedroom in our house. If you want to get him collecting than I recommend buying originals and n
  2. Just wait until next tax season when all these people that are getting the Gov subsidy got to pay taxes on it (Canada). Most people especially the younger ones under 25 aren't thinking about that. There are lots getting it that don't even qualify and will have to pay it all back. I can see it being a huge problem here in Canada. We won't see the real damage until 6 months to a year, IMO that's when we will see the true financial damage. Right now there are people getting the subsidy that live home with their parents. They are bored and have money, they are buying comics and games like crazy. I
  3. Key use to refer to real important books, now it seems to mean every book with potential to increase in value and make the owner money. Key now is every first appearance or #1, 2, 50, 100.... etc issue. The comic hobby has changed drastically over the past 20 years, its amazing to see the changes. I guess a lot has to do with the internet and social media. Add to that the boom in the comic movie industry and what that has done to every comic first appearance no matter how big or small.
  4. I haven’t bought a modern comic in roughly 10-15 years. Just starting to gain some interest back in comics and the Immortal Hulk seems to be popular. Is it good and worth picking up? I will likely buy a trade first before spending money to pick up the more expensive ones but is it worth spending money on the trade? Do you have any other recommendations for moderns? How is Spiderman, Batman, FF etc.....
  5. Comics and Beer, I like it lol. I might be a copy cat and do Cards and Beer on one of the sport card sites I frequent. Fun video to watch, I will keep watching. Seems like I spend more time watching video's on comic and card collecting then I do reading and collecting cards. I guess that's what happens with no evening activities or sports to watch.
  6. As many said before there are millions out of work and due to the virus the economy may take a while to rebound. There are millions with no income for food, rent, or medical supplies. I bet comics are the farthest thing from their minds unless it’s sell them. I was on another forum and I have been hearing that a lot of people are saying that this experience have put a lot of things into perspective. Family, health and having some savings is a lot more important than collectibles. I don’t know if these collectors will ever return. I think the longer this drags on the worse it will get.
  7. It’s somewhat fitting as the movie industry is what has been driving the comic industry the past 15 years. Before the movie craze the comic industry was in real trouble. It brought in new collectors who drove the prices of back issues through the roof. Before that most back issues didn’t sell except key issues.
  8. I am just getting back into comics after a 10-15 year break. I am wondering if any of my old favourites are any good especially Spider-Man and Batman. I read somewhere that Peter and MJ we’re divorced, Peter is dead. I hear there is a new character in Batman, the Jokers new girl friend. Are any of these titles worth picking up again and where should I jump back in if at all?
  9. Great video, some awesome modern variants I never seen before. I am at the rebuild stage of collecting. I sold off my collection about 10-15 years ago and have just started collecting again. I haven’t read and of the Spider Gwen or X23 stuff however I love old and new books so it should be fun to try some new characters. Thanks for posting it 👍
  10. A staff member at the provinces main distribution centre was positive for the virus. The entire centre is closed to be cleaned and they are testing all his/her coworkers. Entire provincial system shutdown just like that. As I said in another thread I live in an isolated area, my nearest comic store is 1000 lm. My comic collecting is done 100% online and through the mail, no mail = no comics for me.
  11. Exactly. I have four close collecting friends that got laid off from work this week due to the virus. They are middle income guys and if they are off work long they said the comics and cards are the first to go. One said even if the market is hurting he will still have no choice but to move his stuff. Right now collecting is at a full 100% halt!!! I live in an isolated community, my nearest comic shop is 1000 km, my collecting is done 100% online and through the mail service. No mail = no comics.
  12. Seeing a lot of ebay auctions of items I was watching taken down, cancelled. With so many sellers that sell from comic stores closed and now postal issues I think online buying will take a hit for a while.
  13. Like some have already stated I think the market was due for a slight drop. Over the past 10 years comics took a huge jump due to the movies. Seems like a lot of the "new" collectors are moving on to their next thing which for a lot is gaming. A lot will sell off the books they bought plus they won't be buying anymore comics. Less collectors likely means less demand with the same supply out there. I think the hobby was hinging on a decline from the movies and now with the virus and fear of employment loss, sickness any anything else related to the virus will tip it all the way now for those bo
  14. This years hottest 2 Rookies are Dmen. Makar and Hughes are both exciting players and selling really well. The NHL is all about the new current crop of rookies, here today forgotten tomorrow. Modern current cards is all about the big hit, the flashier the better.