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  1. Okay, thanks for is the submission number: Submission #3779111
  2. I think so. Here is the exact wording: "Important Reminder: CGC memberships purchased prior to April 28, 2021, will continue to have the current membership benefits until their renewal/expiration date."
  3. Three comics I recently submitted for grading by CGC were returned ungraded, which confused me at first, as no explanation was offered. However, I did some research on the CGC chat boards and found out that these particular comics have a cover overhang issue that prevents them from being safely encapsulated (some limited edition Jay Company Comics from 2002). Although I know the answer to the issue above now, I also realized that none of the other comics from that particular submission have been updated with their grades in the CGC system (not showing up as graded in My Submissions), and I
  4. I upgraded from Associate to Premium at the beginning of April, so yes, it's good that the current benefits will remain for one year. Probably will return to Associate next year though...
  5. I've had some similar experiences. In fact, I did use PGX in the past and thought that their grading was satisfactory, at least for high-grade moderns. However, PGX really screwed up an order of mine in 2019 (e.g., consistently undergraded, many particles stuck in the cases), and they did not respond to my email about it, which prompted me to become a CGC member. Though I initially focused on getting some of my PGX-graded comics graded with CGC instead (several of which graded higher), I since have submitted ungraded comics that I would like to get graded exclusively to CGC. It is more costly,
  6. As I was listing some items for sale on eBay, I just realized that I have experienced the same issue (a hair in one of the CGC cases I recently received), and I was wondering what to do. So thanks for providing this information, Jennifer F. An email has been sent, and I will await a reply!
  7. I agree with you: I do not believe those are ideal solutions to this problem. There seems to be an uptick of this particular kind of damage recently, so I do wonder if there may be some lapses in quality control in regard to securing the inner well, specifically at the lower end of the comic. Of course, packages tending to be dropped at the lower end of the case is a big part of it, but it still seems like something a bit unusual is happening here.
  8. The photos you showed and what you described as happening is the same thing that I think happened to an Elektra #1 Edition B CGC 9.8 I purchased on eBay earlier this month and quickly returned for a refund (which the seller said was from a recently graded batch of comics). The bottom edge of the back cover had been uplifted in three spots inside the case. I stated this in another thread about similar damage to the back cover of a recently graded comic. To be clear though, this month I personally received about 30 comics graded by CGC, and none of them had this kind of d
  9. I purchased an Elektra #1 Edition B CGC 9.8 on eBay earlier this month from a highly reputable seller, and it was packaged very well but arrived with similar damage to your comic, with the back cover/edge having been uplifted in three spots. The seller accepted the return and apologized for missing the damage (assuming he had), although I didn't blame him. The comic seemed too loose inside the case and was low in the slab when I received it. Though I cannot say when the damage occurred, other than sometime after it was graded 9.8 by CGC, it did appear to involve faulty encap
  10. On eBay I recently purchased a Red Sonja #19 Negative Edition signed by Sean Chen (Qualified) and graded 9.8 by CGC (Certification #3723189010) that apparently was similarly damaged inside the case from "pinching" after being set improperly in the case during encapsulation. However, the seller did not state anything about such damage in the auction description and did not include any photos that were adequate enough for me to see the damage (about which the seller probably was unaware). Unfortunately, the seller kept blaming CGC (which is fine) but continued to resist the return and even
  11. I'm curious to hear views on this question. I know that CGC has offered discounts on crossover grading, but that of course would not be the case for getting a CGC-graded book regraded. I'm assuming that it would be safest to resubmit the comic still in the CGC case for regrading, since the grader is not supposed to be told by receiving who submitted the comic or anything about its previous grade.
  12. The other 4 comics that I got graded with PGX and then CGC this year just arrived from CGC today. As stated in my original post, this includes: "2) Alita: Battle Angel #1 (First American Alita appearance)--personal estimate: 9.6; PGX grade: 9.4; CGC grade: 9.6" CGC certification link: "3) Michael Turner's Soulfire v5 #2 Edition ("Boxing Day" variant)--personal estimate: 9.8; PGX grade 9.6; CGC grade: 9.8" CGC certification link:
  13. Thanks for the explanation. I actually mentioned an example of what I felt was a clearly overgraded CBCS 9.8 in a previous comment, but I didn't know anything about the (hopefully prior) history of the name that is not to be spoken.
  14. I tried to find the answer on my own, and I think that Voldemort = CBCS. Am I correct, or is Voldemort something else? Sorry, I have not posted a lot here and am unfamiliar with the term Voldemort (though Harry Potter does come to mind).