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  1. What about AC#1 Supes Page? I realize it’s all personal interest too.
  2. I have a budget of around $10-$15k to make one purchase. I can get a Grail One Page such as AC #1 or Tec27, with an actual Batman page. Or I can spend my budget on some other GA key, full book. I am making this purchase as an investment. Yes, enjoyment too. But primarily I want the item to appreciate. I have never purchased a single Page before. The Page is graded/verified by CGC. So my question is, is it better to purchase a single graded page from Tec27, or is the better investment in a different book (not Tec27) which would be complete with cover. Knowing that any book I buy will NOT be a first appearance book. Can’t buy AC #1 book for $10k obviously. So would be a later book, Such as Superman 13 for example. Again, same budget for either purchase. Thanks!