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  1. Hi, I am looking for ultimate fallout 4 variant cgc 9.8, can pm me if anyone selling? Thank you
  2. Hi , not sure if anyone is into UF 4 variant club? mine is raw copy
  3. Yup it is graded by cgc under cream to offwhite. Thank you for the advice.
  4. Ok . Thank you for the advice. Have this negative feeling as some mentioned they will rather have a lower grade of offwhite paper instead of high grade with cream to offwhite pages.
  5. Sorry, is the main cover better to collect in the Long run or variant cover for immortal hulk? There seem to be too many variant covers to choose
  6. Bought this few years ago when I was new to collecting comics -hulk 181 cgc 8 for usd 3 k. Was happy and didn knew about page quality (cream to off white) until I join the cgc forum. Now , don’t know whether to upgrade or keep this copy. Any advice?
  7. Finally save enough money to got this book — asm 14
  8. It is placed in a top loader and the grade he say is about 5 in term of cgc rating
  9. Sorry attachhed is the pict. The white patches is like tissue /cotton but unable to remove
  10. Hi juz bouggt this last week and saw white patches on the thanos area. Will it affect the grade? Is it printing error or damage by previous owner? Can anyone kindly advise thank you
  11. Hi, this variant is seldom mention in this thread. Anyone with this variant, beside me?
  12. Hi i am looking to buy 3 books 1) FF 12 2) FF 25 3) amazing Spider-Man annual 1( first sinister 6) looking at mid grade: cgc ard 6-7 ths k you