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  1. Bought an Xmen 129 from him. Super smooth transaction and great communication...thx
  2. Got my 9.4, I think I want a 9.6 as well.
  3. Looking for a slabbed x-men 129 at a 9.4 white pages. Might splurge for a 9.6. Post here or pm..thx
  4. Let me know what you are looking to get for it. I might be pulling the trigger on a 7.5 soon.
  5. I think I prefer a 7.0 but will consider as low as a 6 and as high as a 8.0. If you have one for sale, pm me some pics and asking price. For some reason getting pics/asking price from members takes longer than it should
  6. Slabbed unsigned 5.0-8.0. Prefer a 7.0 if I had to pick a grade. If you got one for sale, pm some pics and a price...thanks
  7. Looking to finally pick my grail up. Prefer a mid-grade slabbed copy. Complete and without signatures...thanks