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  1. Looking to see what is out there. If you got a copy raw/slabbed. Let me know.
  2. At least we will be able to sell our non keys for 50 cents and right off all that money we lost.
  3. I guess I shouldn't assume that everyone knew the series I was talking about. Didn't know there was a market for other Wolverine 8s.
  4. Prefer 9.6 but might consider 9.8 or 9.4. No signatures...thx Sorry, first series...hulk cover
  5. You put a piece of paper with your name and date on it next to the book.
  6. Ask them to coin the picture of the book. I had some real fun with that request. Guy first sent me 2 graded books. Asked for a coined picture and he sends me a picture of a raw copy lol.
  7. Yeah, I made a similar post just above yours. Scammers galore on this site now.
  8. Yep, same thing here. I made a post about it in another thread and I believe it was just ignored. Looks like we have another one. Jac9 Kay. Told me has both books I want. At this point a psa needs to be made.