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  1. If there is a cease and desist out for this book, is it legal to get graded? Also, an article I read yesterday mentioned DC was going to contact eBay sellers over this. Thoughts?
  2. Does anyone know what happened to those ASM 667 copies at the c2e2, by chance?
  3. Thank you, very much JayDog. Happy to be here, proud to serve.
  4. Good evening everyone. I decided to take a sabbatical and visit my family in SE Minnesota for the holidays. During my time, I came across this forum started by JayDog back in 2016, which it took me about a weeks time to read everyone's posts. Very informative I must say. I did not realize that Mr. Dell'otto did the cover for the famous ASM 667 variant, until I came across other webistes and these forums discussing said topic. I am an ASM completionist and currently working on collecting only Volulmes 1 & 2. Two is completed, but 1 is a challenge. With that being said, you all have influenced me on my recent acquisitions and I say thank you. "Audentes Fortuna iuvat!"
  5. Congratulations on your endeavor, SECollector! “Audentes Fortuna iuvat!” Well done!
  6. I couldn’t agree more, Marvelmaniac. I have been contemplating for years on doing this. I have not pulled the trigger, but due to recent purchases, I’m going to. As far as pictures go, just the cover or front and back? Thank you.
  7. That’s so cool of him to do that for you. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his creative team back in the summer of 98, when they were promoting Danger Girl at a LCS in San Diego.
  8. Not A Clone, curious, you have ASM 667 Gabriel Dell'otto variant issue? Just curious.
  9. If anyone is interested for a Danger Girl 2 (Ruby Red), CGC 9.8. There is one for sale on Ebay 6K.
  10. I totally feel your pain, Webhead2018. I got back into collecting ASM in 2013, my LCS had two long boxes of someones personal collection, which I immediately jumped on, that consisted of issues 500-650, excluding some variants. I'm still working on my list too!
  11. Good evening everyone. To be honest, I have been a member of CGC for just over one year plus. I thoroughly enjoy reading posts on the plethora of topics listed on this fantastic site. I began collecting in 1984 at the age of 13. My very first comic I purchased from my little town's drugstore was Prince Namor The Sub-Mariner #1 of a four issue mini-series. From there I also purchased my very first Amazing Spider-Man issue #260, which I became an ASM addict. Discovered a LCS in Rochester, MN not soon after, which became my base of operations for collecting various titles. Ninety percent of my collection is Marvel, followed by Image a distant second, along with others, such as DC, Top Cow, Dark Horse, Mirage Studious,etc... I quit buying current Modern titles three years ago and only focusing on completing my ASM Vol 1. My Holy Grail of my entire collection is my Danger Girl 2 (Ruby Red), bought at the 1998 SDCC for $100. I finally had it signed by J. Scott Campbell at the Boston Comic-Con 2017, and recently was graded by CGC as a 9.8 SS. I posted a photo of it on the J. Scott Campbell Appreciation Thread. In addition, my collection totals at 4,256 books, 80 of which are slabbed. Currently reside in El Paso, TX. Thank you. Adam