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  1. Above and beyond. Thanks!! Well I bought a NM copy this week of issue 1 if it’s not first print I guess whatever.. I kind of feel I’d rather have that than the VHS one but I’ll keep me eye out for it. Sounds interesting. Thanks again detective.
  2. In don’t think they say what printing it is on the inside: I could be wrong.
  3. Since there were 16 printings of this, does anyone know if you can tell which is the first print? As far as I can gather the only discernible difference is early printings or first print has barcode on front. Any ideas?
  4. Any luck? I’m also looking for a copy. Didn’t want to start another thread.
  5. I just picked up a Mickey Mouse Magazine Vol 3 No 3. Sadly it was missing a few pages most importantly the Snow White centerfold. Still you have to love this cover. Probably my favorite in the volumes. I worked out a deal (refund) with the person I bought it from after I found out about the missing pages. Anyone have an opinion about the value with the missing pages? How rare are these to come by? Lots of covers to love in the volumes. I couldn’t find a tread on these magazines but what’s everyone favorites and I’d love to see people books if you have em.
  6. Well dang. I bought several books to have Charles Martinet sign. I was only going to have them authenticated.
  7. Is CGC going to have a booth here? I don't see it on the events list.
  8. I have only a few restored books in my collection, but everyone I buy is for my personal collection. Sure I keep resale in mind so as not to overpay (so I can at least get cost back on a book if need be), but if I can get a book around 50% of GPA i'm happy. This is only for key issues. I would not buy a restored common or cheap book. If I can get a nice looking copy for around $500 unrestored, i'd rather have that. I do however stay away from trimmed books. Trimming is not for me personally. All that said, i've only been collecting (buying bigger books) for about 4 years now, so this is perhap
  9. I've been to Motor City Con a couple times and I have to say it's pretty solid. This past year I felt have a few less comic vendors but they still have some decent vendors but the ticket to admission is a bit steep if you are just looking for comics like myself. I went to Grand Rapids con this year for the first time and it was very bare bones. I did not buy anything. They also had people selling wack stuff. I saw two booths selling sowing equipment. Didn't make sense to me. I like the diversity of bog cons but they cannot forget that comics should always be a the main draw and they should mak
  10. The fake death scene felt like such a ratings grab it turned me off and some other people i know. I still watch the show show but it felt like lazy writing. Why would one of the highest watched shows do such a low blow cheap writing tactic? It was a soap opera move.
  11. Condition is not the priority, it's price. I'd prefer a better copy though.
  12. Another new case coming soon.
  13. I'm looking for a copy of Albedo 2. I would prefer to have a higher grade but if anyone has one for sale in any grade, let me know. Thanks.