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  1. Then again, the Kirby estate is certainly a whole richer now as a result of the mainstreaming of comics, which, for better and for worse, Lee was a large part of.
  2. One of my journalistic highlights was getting to do a one hour sitdown with Stan Lee. During that interview, I specifically asked him about Kirby's contributions, and without hesitation, gave Kirby all the credit in the world (I have it on tape). The problem is journalists really wanted to portray Stan in a certain way, and that seemed to work for Stan, Marvel, and the journalists.
  3. Is the print market in general relatively healthy? I had thought the print market had waned, but haven't followed it in recent years.
  4. The irony to the title of this topic is that collectibles in the old says like baseball cards and comics were worth a lot precisely because they weren't stored away, but were tossed away as disposable. Now everybody keeps everything and not only that, they hermetically seal them, and create a faux scarcity of current items via things like CGC.
  5. That's a really interesting tid bit I did not know about. And the same goes for Gene's note that a "sealed" box is no guarantee. Another note re a "sealed" box, whose to say the seller didn't open it, weigh the packs, then switch out some of the packs with other legit vintage packs, but ones he knows are lighter and don't contain holos?
  6. Thinking about the Pokemon card things a bit more, the sale really isn't driven by nostalgia or real collectors, it's more of an event thing (another youtuber did the same thing, bought a box just to do a reveal). So I don't think it fits nearly in terms of how we look at the value of collectibles.
  7. My kid just informed me (and a quick google search proved it true), that a box of unopened Pokemon cards sold for $350K+.
  8. I like the piece, but it doesn't scream Miller Dark Knight to me (it' almost too well rendered), and for that amount, that's what I want. Then again, there's a lot of other thing I'd take over this piece for that amount.
  9. If I recall, he worked with Eric Stanton at some point, which explains some of his penchant for T&A.
  10. Also, it's a niche hobby. Only specialized people know it has value. To everyone else, those roughs look like something from art school.
  11. I'm not saying it's the case here, but for specialized stuff like this, often times the perpetrator is someone know to the victim. If I'm a run of the mill criminal, the last thing I'm going to take is a pile of comic art.
  12. Betcha almost no one would make a connection between Bilal and Duran Duran.