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  1. I'm very cool with Miles, Spider-Gwen, Silk and Doctor Aphra getting some play! I am a big fan of those characters and have been since the beginning, but it does look like it might be time to sell some and fill the coffers. I do have an EoSV 2 Comic Bug CGC SS 9.8 signed by Siya Oum, Silk #1 Stacey Lee variant CGC 9.8, Darth Vader 3 Larocca variant (raw) and Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man Miles variant (raw) that I intend to keep for the long haul.
  2. This worked out very well for me! Registered, found a Red Sonja #1 CGC 9.4, spun the wheel = 50% off . I have never been to that site before and the original price was solid to begin with. Thank you for this thread and thank you Bob for the opportunity to get such a great discount!
  3. Thanks Corona smith! Just picked up Hulk 41-45 because of that awesome cover for #44. Finished my Batman: Hush newsstand set 608-619 about a year ago. This is my kind of thread
  4. Heck yeah! A Skottie thread I have collected some of the 'Marvel Baby' books and I also enjoy some of his Cable & Deadpool covers. Just this morning (as I was scanning it), I noticed that he did the cover to Venom #15 from 2003. As always, ASM 611 is a classic Spidey/Deadpool cover
  5. I kept holding out selling the NYCC due to ... duh duh duhhhh ... you got it ... movie speculation (from the creator himself). Unfortunately, it didn't work out - spec game FTL (for the loss). I harbor no grudges since I love the book still, I just have too many.
  6. Ahhh, Enormous. That is my failed "spec" also and I still have (1) NYCC, numerous 1st and 2nd prints, variants, etc. etc. I really enjoyed when Tim Daniel would come on to the site and give updates and promote speculation (go figure) that it was on the road to becoming a movie. No such luck. I'm probably $300 in the hole with this series and never sold a single one. Truth be told, I've sold about 5 comics in my life. I still love the book (writing and art) so it isn't a true bust personally. Financially, it is a true bust currently but who knows how the future will play out.
  7. That's great - going to be cool to actually meet a boardie. I'm looking forward to going through your books (and of course buying some also)!
  8. Going to be there all day Friday and maybe Saturday. If I feel like I need to go back on Sunday, I will. If anyone is setting up at the con, let me know and I'll stop by as I already have one stop to make (Elveen's Comics). I am looking forward to Artist's Alley, comic shopping and seeing some of the cosplay. I'm a wanderer so I have no true game plan. The list of exclusives look pretty cool and some of them interest me (Lady Death, Neal Adams Batman). Nothing being given at the door (if I'm not mistaken). Man, I am excited!
  9. I'm not sure if there is a true need for concrete information regarding print runs or distribution numbers. Those are for people who like to spice up their listings. Gold/Silver/Bronze ages do extremely well without this information being at everyone's fingertips. All I know is that, what is deemed as modern, newsstands are much harder to find than Direct Editions especially in higher grades. As with anything, they are not for everyone (ugly barcode - yuck). My favorite part about them is that because they are the ORIGINAL way that comic books were sold (pre-direct), they cannot be considered variants, 'manufactured' rarities or 'limited editions'. Newsstand editions were never created to be their own niche in the market, they just happen to be becoming so. I believe what is happening with newsstands can be considered organic growth. (I could also be wrong). GO NEWSIES!
  10. Favorite thread ever! Great suggestions, thank you! Origin for Amadeus Cho in Incredible Hercules 133. I need to get some of AF15 and TAH 1. (I was on the other CGC forum as 21Pittsburgh58)
  11. This was a great recap and I appreciate it! I have no single issue but TPB's 1 & 2. Going to be a little expensive buying single issues now. This is moving to iconic status for me and it's about time Hulk was relevant again IMO
  12. Is that your copy?!?!? That is awesome!
  13. Hi CPG fans (I hope you're still out there)! I have joined the CPG party 9 years late it seems - . Anyways, up to 1 week ago, I had never heard of Cursed Pirate Girl. Seriously. As I was on a hunt to find something unique, but awesome, for my collection - I stumbled upon an article about CPG, so I investigated and researched. Wow, I was blown away! This thread, YouTube and Google turned up a lot of great information. I had to have some CPG in my collection life, so here I am. I have recently bought (and waiting on) the following: #1 first print #1 second print #2 first print #2 second print #3 first print Regular trade paperback I still have a huge ways to go, but I will get all prints that were made available through Olympian Press. I cannot (probably ever) afford some of the originals and errors, but I have my eye out for KickStarters and other limited books. This is a somewhat expensive series to get started in, but once started, I will keep going until I am satisfied. Jeremy Bastion's work looks absolutely astonishing and I cannot wait to dig into the TPB. This is not speculation for me, this is a start of a collection and I am TRULY excited. Some board members were saying they missed the boat when the editions just came out. Try 9 years later and see what you've missed. Some of y'all have extraordinary collections! I wish Jeremy was able to make it to Phoenix, but regardless, I'm excited! I hope to reinvigorate this thread to see if anyone has added to their collections in awhile so that I can see more. Respectfully, Jason
  14. That Venom is SICK! Very well done
  15. Just saw George Takei, Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), Walter Koenig (Chekov), Elijah Wood are on the roster. Elijah Wood on a Sin City cover would be cool