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  1. Sorry. I will be sure to only list price in the future. The book is sold.
  2. $695 shipped. First person to claim below gets the book. I have had many offers around $600-$625, and while those are great.....we are trying our best to get full retail on this piece. If this doesn't sell at this price, we will lower the price on Tuesday or Wednesday. PayPal or cash is the only method of paying. Cash transactions must be made in person. I will only ship this item to confirmed PayPal address. You will have to sign for this item. This will be sent in bubble wrap, double boxed via priority mail. No returns. And please no HOS or probation members. I will pay for shipping and insurance. I have a few transactions on the board. Feel free to look at my kudos thread. I have over 17,000 feedback on Ebay. Lots of images available. Please send email for fastest response. I only check CGC boards 1 time a day.
  3. Thanks. I didn't realize that the images would be all mixed up. I may delete this tonight and try again. I'm not real savvy with this forum. Anyway..... thanks for looking.
  4. Out of The Shadows #9 $395 Mister Mystery #16 $320 Shipping will be $10.35 for the books. Shipping in USA only. Return Policy- these can be returned within 7 days, but buyer has to pay for shipping back to me. I have not had a lot of transactions on this site, but I have over 17,000 feedback on Ebay with 100% positive. I do have a few positive transactions in the kudos thread. PayPal is to be paid within 2 days. I can only ship to your confirmed PayPal address. Please note I only look at the CGC board once a day. If you have questions, please send email and I will answer much quicker.
  5. So, I find it hard to throw away things..... If there is anyone out there willing to pay for the shipping of all these, then great. If not, I will throw them in the recycling bin. We will start each auction at $1 In the comments section below simply state which item you are bidding on and your bid. Example: $2 Paperback Lot Shipping will be $21.55 for all of the Comic Shop News, Dark Horse Insiders, and DC Direct. Shipping will be $4.35 for the paperback books. Shipping in USA only. Return Policy- these are not worth much so I'm going to say no returns. I have not had a lot of transactions on this site, but I have over 17,000 feedback on Ebay with 100% positive. I do have a few positive transactions in the kudos thread. PayPal is to be paid within 2 days. I can only ship to your confirmed PayPal address. This auction will end on Sunday night 8pm CST. Please note I only look at the CGC board once a day. If you have questions, please send email and I will answer much quicker. The Unashamed is from 1960 FINE Silver Leopard-1946 Good to VG Trapped -1952 Fair to Good DC Direct 28 assorted Issues from #22 - #75 Dark Horse Insider 15 issues Jan 1991 to Aug 1992 Comic Shop News 126 assorted issues from 11-1-89 to 12-4-96 There are also a couple of random things thrown in the box as well like Comics Buyers Guide and Overstreet Comic Book Price Update
  6. SUPER fast shipping and secure! I hope to do more business in the future! Thanks so much
  7. If this is still available, please let me know. I would like to purchase. I rarely get on the CGC boards. If possible, please send email and I will send over payment
  8. Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 10 AM – 4 PM pin Tebala Event Center 7910 Newburg Rd, Rockford, Illinois 61108
  9. vintagetorque


    BURLING-CON IS HERE!!!! QUAD CON WELCOMES COMIC ARTIST/ANIMATOR DOUG RICE TO BURLINGTON! Quad Con is all about coming together and enjoying different aspects of pop culture. Video games, sci fi, role playing, comics, toys, board games, vintage magazines, posters, & more. Join us and sell some of your items, or come in and take home some treasure from your childhood you thought was lost forever. Quad Con also raises money for children with heart defects. Helping Hannah's Heart Foundation has a Live Auction at every Quad Con. Each item starts at just $5! These are items with retail value of $40-$100! Our show is family friendly, so do not hesitate in bringing the kids to the event. Quad Con believes in bringing fans top quality entertainment without breaking the bank. Entry is only $3! With over 70 tables of geeky goodness - it will be a day of good times with good people. Silver Phoenix Entertainment has arranged an appearance by Doug Rice! He has been a professional comic book artist (Tales of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), animator (The Animaniacs), and is now a professor at Columbia College of the Arts. At age 69, the easiest way to describe Doug Rice’s life is that he is a veteran of the United States Air Force, the comics industry, andthe animation industry – coming away with an Honorable Discharge, the 1985 San Diego Con’s Russ Manning “Most Promising Newcomer” Award (at age 34), and a Daytime Emmy certificate, respectively. In terms of any skills or abilities, he is completely self-taught…though he does NOT recommend that path for most would-be artists. In the early 1970’s, when the old 4-color comics industry was hours away from techno-extinction, Rice was hired to work as the one-man production staff of a small new company in Chicago called FIRST COMICS. Some months later his studio duties were expanded to include an original comics title, DYNAMO JOE, a giant-robot series which he created and penciled. From there Doug went off in many other directions as a freelancer: STARBLAZERS (for Comico), PLASTIC MAN and MANHUNTER (for DC Comics), TOXIC AVENGER and WHAT THE--?! (for Marvel), ROGER RABBIT (for Disney Comics), TALES OF THE TMNT (for Mirage Comics), and STUPID (for Image Comics), among others. It was in 1993 that Rice changed careers and got into TV animation – again, with no formal training at all! Startoons Studio in the south suburbs of Chicago was a beehive of activity for Warner Bros. weekday programming, which found Doug storyboarding and doing background layouts for “Steven Spielberg presents The Animaniacs” which, in turn, led to him being handed an Emmy certificate and ‘letter-of-congratulations’ from the head of WB animation a little over two years after he started. After the studio folded in the summer of 2001, Rice began work on a two-fisted/pulp-style adventure novel, as a sort of hobby between freelance jobs. The book, SQUADRON, is currently in publication in soft and hard volumes designed by the author. Doug now teaches animation as a part-time professor at Columbia College of the Arts in Chicago because, even though he never graduated from the University of Illinois Chicago Circle, his Emmy honor counts as a ‘doctorate’ academically. We hope you will check out the discussion panel led by Doug Rice around 11:30am as we get an insiders' point of view of what it's like to work at an animation studio. Doug will be available for photos and autographs throughout the day. SCHEDULE: 10 am Open to Public 1030 am Sign up for Video Game Tournaments 11 am Mario Kart Tournament 1130 am Panel Discussion with Special Guest Doug Rice -Animation from the Inside (What It's REALLY Like to Work in a Studio) 12 pm Cosplay Contest Sign Up 1215 pm Super Smash Bros Tournament 130 pm Cosplay Contest 130 pm $50 Quad Con Give Away (details on give away on Facebook page) 200 pm Super Smash Bros Tournament II 200 pm Comic Book & Toy Auction for Helping Hannah's Heart Foundation 215 pm Panel Discussion - Cosplay for Beginners (Who, Where, and Why!) 230 pm Free Entry 245 pm Mario Kart Tournament II 4 pm Close November 9 from 10am to 4pm - Normal Entry $3 Free Entry after 230pm. Quad Con Burlington - Comfort Suites Conference Center 1780 Stonegate Center Burlington IA 52601
  10. I am a total insufficiently_thoughtful_person and don't know how to change the image above. I uploaded the wrong one. Here is the correct one