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  1. new female character. pumped alot from spec sites. multiple printings. getting a volume 2 next year.
  2. Con variant that just came out...and is selling for quite a bit......and you think that it's "lighting up" and "increasing in price" sold copies tell a different story
  3. whats special about Avengers Childrens Crusade 9 ?
  5. like the article says, there are many Vigilante characters. No idea which one Idris is playing.
  6. What exactly is " high grade " ? I see many flaws...
  7. Store variants are included in the Comichron order numbers. Double Ships arent, since they are freebies and not ordered by stores.
  8. Another Ben Parker that's not related to the Ben Parker in Spider-man #1
  9. Those are Order Numbers, not Sales. The print run was much more than 74k; the reason you see this book in 5 Below packs