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  1. Alot of True Believers Deadpool books got 2nd prints and were all released on March 9, 2016.
  2. 0 feedback = fake sale I mean, it's also VERY obvious this is shilled.....
  3. Thats not even a legit news website. It's in the same category as Cosmic Book News and We Got This Covered.
  4. Every copy of the ratio variants has the error
  5. Definitely being PnDed in the CBSI Hot 10. Just look at those comments......
  6. If you read that, you'd see that more than 180 copies are printed..... Whether those "extras" actually get destroyed is all a marketing gimmick. Money makes people say/do stupid things; brings out the greed.
  7. Didnt Sabe first appear in the Star Wars Episode 1 comics ?
  8. Yup. They changed their mind. The FCBD book is the one to get.
  9. Thanks. Do you have a valid source for this info ?
  10. Whats the print run ? You sound like a typical PnDer in the FB groups who has no idea what they are saying.
  11. Why would GOT 6 heat up ? Nothing special, no 1st appearances.