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  1. Cant send 8 weeks of books if the printers aint open......
  2. Not an assumption. Hard cold fact. It's definitely being shilled. The seller even has ANOTHER listing for 9.8s as a BIN....FOR LESS ! Stay away from this seller.
  3. There is a way to tell: Other sellers have it for much less.
  4. Another shilled auction, same seller as before:
  5. Shilled ?
  6. Bad Idea was only formed to generate some comics and IPs for Hivemind to make into movies. Seems that's what these indie publishers do these days.
  7. Bad Idea is trying to create artificial scarcity. Demand > Supply. This is not the way to grow a business.
  8. Showcase4, you seem to be autistic.....
  9. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It's like you buy the CBSI TOP 10 books after the list comes out.....