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  1. You are definitely not 2 days ahead of me. More like 2 days behind. This is a 5 issue miniseries. Plenty of copies at online stores for cover or below. Yea there's a 2nd print coming, but unless a 3rd and 4th come, it doesnt mean much. Almost every Image #1 book gets a 2nd print
  2. Im not going to keep doing this back-and-forth argument. If you cant do the research, you already failed. Look at the dates of available copies. The $16 one that sold was probably shilled or the buyer was not smart.
  3. only the store variants and convention exclusives are doing well
  4. But he wasnt smart enough to sell when the book was "hot"....
  5. Stupid people do stupid things. Guess the guy thought Outcast was going to be as big as The Walking Dead.
  7. TFAW and DCBS (and could be more online shops) sent the error books back to Diamond. For anyone that ordered, they received the corrected version (2nd print).