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  1. Showcase4, you seem to be autistic.....
  2. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It's like you buy the CBSI TOP 10 books after the list comes out.....
  3. KeyCollector is a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed . Dont rely on him for info
  4. Dont buy into the marketing. Being "limited" is not the same as "total print run". When a webstore mentions a variant being "limited", it means the print run is much higher.Its all marketing gimmicks to sway noobs into buying their variant.
  5. Only buying books from TFAW is your first mistake. There's Westfield, Graham Cracker, Midtown, Ebay....I could keep going....
  6. Having under 10 copies on the CGC census just means people dont give acrap about slabbing it. Doesnt mean the book is a ghost.
  7. It's not. Ebay is flooded.
  8. Oh great, now we can see what sellers you pissed off with all those returns
  9. I get the feeling you like blowing money...alot of money....on "hot" "hyped" modern books, without a grasp on how the modern market works.
  10. Buyers are stupid. Sleeper is now a cat so this book has no more relevance. The book to get is Venom 165
  11. Ashcan and NYCC variants are the only ones worth getting. They came out before issue #1