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  1. If there was a way to help raise money for another season... I would do it. I couldn't find out any information as to why the Tick was canceled. Losing money and not making much are two different things. But I know there are a ton of other shows out there so, if nothing happens, I'll at least be grateful for the 2 seasons I did get. I hope they find a new home soon so that shooting can continue before the actors/actresses get tied up with new shows and move on.
  2. I'm not sure when the last time Ben did a comic book cover so I'm pretty excited to add this to my collection. (I bought this with permission from the misses... but now I need to be good for a while. )
  3. Nice Tick #2 uncut. There are only about 200 of those and they're really hard to get a hold of! On another note... Did anyone notice that Liz Vassey is in the Season 2 of the Amazon Tick? She was Captain Liberty in the Fox sit com version of the Tick. I won't say who she is, but I thought is was cool that she's back in with the Tick live action again.
  4. Just finished binge watching Amazon's Tick - Season 2. Was very excited for the possibilities for season 3 and who some of the new characters might be. (I won't say in case anyone hasn't watch the season yet). And now I look forward to this years free comic book day in a few weeks!
  5. Here's an interesting advertising technique...
  6. @vnsdesigns I have one... but not an extra one. Do you need one? (I thought you had one)
  7. Update... I have managed to obtain the Yule Log ashcan. Now I am just seeking the #2 yellow ashcan.
  8. This just arrived in the mail today! That rare eBay find (at a super low price) just months after I posted on several sites I was looking for one (and had given up on ever owning one). Vic, if you're #2 yellow ashcan ever ends up missing... um... it wasn't me. ;-)
  9. I have also used Comic Skin and been happy with the results: But there's just something about having the CGC name on it. But then, I guess that's more than just protecting the comic.
  10. I am looking for the following 2 Tick comics (ashcan editions). Tick #2 - Yellow (1988) and Tick - Yule Log Special (2000) On average I have paid $200-$400 in the past for ashcans. I would pay $500 each. I also have a Tick #2 - Red (1988) signed by Ben Edlund I would be willing to trade or make part of the deal. If you have one you would be willing to sell and my pricing is off please don't hesitate to contact me with a more accurate price. Thank you.
  11. I just picked up the 3 chainsaw vigilante covers over the weekend. They're not perfect but they're in really good shape. (All the pages are white but the covers have a few minor flaws) Any opinions/advice on leaving them bagged and boarded vs CGCing them? I want them protected.
  12. Those have to been to most amazing sketch covers I have seen to date. Certainly the most unique.
  13. Here are my trophies from SDCC 2018. #1 Ashcan - gold, #2 Ashcan - red (still hoping for a yellow #2 some day), #2 "special edition" ashcan - used for in house purposes. I already had these in my collection but I got them signed by Ben then CGCd. As all of them are kept in mylar since day 1 I was hoping for a 9.8 or even a 9.6. I'm not sure how they grade ashcan editions - but I'm still happy to have them in my collection. On the other hand, I had a #1 special edition and #2 special edition that I got signed and they were graded higher than I had hoped for. So it's all good and evens out in the end.