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  1. Please add to this set: The Tick - Complete with One-Shots and Mini-Series This comic: The Tick: Big Halloween Special CGC Cert: 3737550014 Thank you, Brian Bollinter
  2. "Ashcan" editions were originally photocopies of the comic book used during the editing phase of creating a comic book. When you were done with them, they where thrown in the trash, or ashcan. I'm not sure when they became collectible but at some point New England Comics saw a value in them and "printed" (photocopied) some of them and sold them. They only did this for a very few of their issues. On the first two issues of The Tick, back in 1988, NEC also made some and sent them out (pre-production) to distributors to send to other comic book shops to determine if there was a marked for the
  3. Happy to ad this #10 graded 9.8 to my collection. Only 3 of these in the registry. Also, got a commission piece from Ian Nicholes. Abby Road / Tick.
  4. New England Comics still has them listed on their website for $3. - go to the Tick catalog site a search through those pages. (not a super user friendly design, but functional)
  5. Unless they're rare, reprints don't sell for much. But I suppose anything in good condition is worth preserving. If you're saving the comics for posterity sake go ahead and get them slabbed. If you're doing it for an investment make sure you check them carefully for spine ticks (no pun intended), bent corners, white pages and stuff like that. Even on eBay right 9.8s are selling for less then they did 2 years ago. The "Amazon hype" dwindled when the show was canceled.
  6. It came with the 2019 comic con comic books... someone may have just taken theirs out and they're selling the comic book and the trading card separately.
  7. The prices on Tick comic began and rise about 6 months before the release of the Amazon series a few years back and then peaked about 2 weeks after Season 1 started. The prices have dropped a lot since then but some people are still holding out for that "peak" price. I saw ungraded special edition #1's selling for $600-$800... now I see them sometimes listed for under $150. I was new to collecting slabbed comics and bought a few lower grades and what I thought were good prices. At least I only spent a few hundred dollars to learn my lesson and not a few thousand.
  8. I'm only posting this because I can't find any info that CGC does this. If they do, please delete this post... This company grades cards:
  9. @vsndesignsDid you get the artwork for the GPK card that was on eBay? It was up there for several months.
  10. This one did not. I used to have one that did... but I lost it. Somewhere in the process of moving from MA to NH 12 years ago I lost a box of books. I had 2 ashcans. (#1 and #2 - one was like new, one was worn with marks) to date - they are among the missing books. :-( #1 had marks and even some of the panels were either incomplete or different from what was published (if I remember correctly). It was given to me only a couple years after the Tick came out so there was no demand of it at the time. The friend that gave it to me told me he got it from his friend who literally took it out
  11. Well, it's a "Golden Rod" color. Do you count that as the same as yellow?
  12. I am all set - it's all yours. I'm down to only needing 3 items. 2015 SDCC Sketch cover (with no printed number on it), a variant cover for the Man Eating Cow Bonanza (that I can't confirm if it exists or not), and... well... you know... the hard to find yellow ashcan #2.