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  1. Any excuse to show off some sketches! the first two are Tony Moore and the third is from Bill Dinh (BillyTheKidd)
  2. I’m a big fan of those as well, and happy to own the back cover OA for #33
  3. Looking for the following, can be in read/worn condition, just looking for readers for a friend: Walking Dead - TPBs # 27, 28, 29 Revival – Full Series of TPBs Manifest Destiny – TPBs # 5, 6 Copperhead – TPBs # 3, 4 I would prefer to buy multiples at a time to save on shipping costs
  4. Highly recommend dealing with Gene! He purchased a high dollar book from me, paid quickly, and was always fast in replaying to any messages!! Thanks for a great and smooth transaction!!
  5. I believe this book is fake, and Shawn Kirkham (BigClutch) from Skybound even confirmed it as a fake. Check out the official Walking Dead discussion thread
  6. Price reduced to $2060, Shipping included!
  7. Reduced... $2450 Shipping included
  8. Reasonable time payments might be an option, please message me to discuss