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  1. Thanks for all the great info everybody! I'm working it into a new selling template as much as possible. Given my lack of grading experience, my goal is to arm the buyer with as much relevant data, visual and otherwise, to make an informed decision, while still adding my opinion/grade estimate.
  2. No, not to my knowledge, but would be happy to be wrong!
  3. Very interested in this topic. Thanks for the helpful info thus far. I've switched from photos to high res scans of both sides of book, out of bag. My specific questions: 1. I truly am not a pro grader but want to give my customers as honest and clear a picture as possible. I feel the whole disclaimer of not being a pro grader now detracts from my listings, even though it's the truth! Should I leave this in or remove it from my listings? 2. Numerical grading or Letter Grading? The most common grade I see on Ebay is NM. As this can conceivably mean 9.2, 9.4, 9.6 I see this as a double edged sword. Being an amateur, I am likely to only be within a 9.2 to 9.6 (4-point) range anyway (if I'm lucky). 3. To grade or not to grade?I've only ever had 2 books returned out of a few hundred. One was a legitimate return - my scans truly did not show a wavy defect, however I did NOT grade this book in the listing as it was shortly after FIRST return in which the buyer said the book was not the grade I'd given in the listing. Being naïve I asked for photos from the buyer to show the differences from mine. However, Ebay did not support the request and did not request ANYTHING from the buyer other than his word. I'm sure you've all experienced some version of this situation if you are an ebayer, but it leaves me confused as to the best approach. 4. I truly love comics and truly want to provide the best buyer experience possible, so can any of you describe an IDEAL listing or provide an example? I'd be grateful!
  4. DP#12 CPV falls into Zatanna Special #1 territory for me, I've never laid eyes on it so not convinced it exists.
  5. This one popped in my head today so grabbed a pic. Pretty sure I have a few more too. They'll come to me.
  6. Just wanted to say I appreciate both the content and the timbre of this thread.
  7. Another vote for this clown, cyclocross13, reports items not as described, when I ask for proof/pics I get no response other than case opened.
  8. Any advice on whether or not to grade them? I also have 2 and 4 but 3 was not there.
  9. Yeah when I found them I was sure there was something about them but I wasn't sure what. Also, full disclosure, the magazines were in the toonie bin.
  10. Some great loonie box finds recently.
  11. Brock/Keith thanks for the advice and insight. It's much appreciated.