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  1. 15 hours ago, Pitboss said:



    Welcome to the "Comics Market - Forum Only Selling" board!


    The moderators have asked everyone around here to help educate new comers about the posting rules for this forum so that we can keep things running smoothly. So whenever we see a new thread go up that's missing some of the information required by the rules, someone will generally happen along and post this reminder (by moderator request).


    You can find the posting guidelines here:





    They are well worth reading, because your posts can be removed from the boards if they don't conform to the guidelines. This will help you to attract more buyers as well, since this is how people expect to have books offered around here.


    Thanks, and glad to have you here!

    Hi I read the guideline posts and I believe my post adheres to the rules. If not I apologize and am happy to modify if necessary.

  2. The Amazing Spider-man #238 CGC 9.6 $0.75 Canadian Price Variant w/ Tattooz

    Not much else to say everybody knows what this book is!

    Asking 2500 CAD/1900 USD

    Payment by PayPal or EFT (Canada)

    Free shipping in Canada and USA by Canada Post Expedited Shipping 2-7 business days.

    First I'll take it on thread...takes it.

    Returns accepted only if item damaged in transit.



    s-l1600 (10).jpg

  3. Very interested in this topic. Thanks for the helpful info thus far.

    I've switched from photos to high res scans of both sides of book, out of bag.

    My specific questions:

    1. I truly am not a pro grader but want to give my customers as honest and clear a picture as possible. I feel the whole disclaimer of not being a pro grader now detracts from my listings, even though it's the truth! Should I leave this in or remove it from my listings?

    2. Numerical grading or Letter Grading? The most common grade I see on Ebay is NM. As this can conceivably mean 9.2, 9.4, 9.6 I see this as a double edged sword. Being an amateur, I am likely to only be within a 9.2 to 9.6 (4-point) range anyway (if I'm lucky).

    3. To grade or not to grade?I've only ever had 2 books returned out of a few hundred. One was a legitimate return - my scans truly did not show a wavy defect, however I did NOT grade this book in the listing as it was shortly after FIRST return in which the buyer said the book was not the grade I'd given in the listing. Being naïve I asked for photos from the buyer to show the differences from mine. However, Ebay did not support the request and did not request ANYTHING from the buyer other than his word. I'm sure you've all experienced some version of this situation if you are an ebayer, but it leaves me confused as to the best approach.

    4. I truly love comics and truly want to provide the best buyer experience possible, so can any of you describe an IDEAL listing or provide an example? I'd be grateful!

  4. 5 hours ago, David Buck said:

    Doom Patrol 12 is the only Issue I haven't found a picture of yet from that run - so it is very scarce -  Doom Patrol Annual 1 is too late for a Canadian newsstand variant - the picture below shows the newsstand edition - with both US and Canadian pricing  

    Doom Patrol annual 1 NS.jpg

    DP#12 CPV falls into Zatanna Special #1 territory for me, I've never laid eyes on it so not convinced it exists.

  5. On 2/11/2019 at 9:37 AM, mattn792 said:

    Further proof that thrill bidding losers come at all feedback levels -- cyclocross13 (977 positive, member since 1998)

    Won a book for a couple hundred bucks (was high bidder for roughly two days), asked to cancel an hour after auction close.  I refused and said I'd go through NPB, to which he responded he'd pay and leave negative feedback.  He did pay this morning, and I was ready to take him to task but ultimately didn't want the hassle, especially with the risk of getting a German phone book returned to me after a chargeback attempt.  

    Payment refunded, order cancelled, feedback extortion reported to eBay.

    Another vote for this clown, cyclocross13, reports items not as described, when I ask for proof/pics I get no response other than case opened.

  6. 1 hour ago, fastballspecial said:

    Those resident evil magazines are pretty hard to and 5 is really hard. I havent seen a copy of any of them for many years now.

    Yeah when I found them I was sure there was something about them but I wasn't sure what. Also, full disclosure, the magazines were in the toonie bin.

  7. 8 hours ago, Brock said:

    Though this book has appeared a little more frequently in the last 2-3 years, the price has held up reasonably well (so far).

    The ebay listing at $1600 is... well, let’s just say “disconnected from reality.” Your copy is pretty rough, but if I was trying to sell it, I might test the market at $400 but be prepared to take offers. Copies in the 4.0 to 5.0 range have been selling for $400-$500, so pricing yours that way might be a tad aggressive, but worth a try. My guess is that $250-$300 is about right, though, based on the pictures.

    i would lean towards selling now. I’m pretty bullish on Whitmans in general, and this is definitely the toughest, but it’s become a little more common of late, and I’d be worried about whether the prices of low grade copies can hold at current levels.

    That’s my two cents, anyways...

    Brock/Keith thanks for the advice and insight. It's much appreciated. 

  8. 11 hours ago, Hudson said:

    First - Welcome to the Boards.  

    As for your situation and question, I have not submitted enough books and on enough occasions to give an intelligent opinion on this.   I have had negative and positive experiences with CGC.  

    I think, when it comes to our “books”, as colletors, we like to get them back in our hands ASAP.   I know whenever (a rare occasion) I do send a book in for grading, as soon as I hand the box to the USPS person, I immediately receive a sick feeling in my stomach.   Where is my book going, how will it be handled, and when will it be safely back in my hands?   All this makes submitting books a stressful time for me and I can understand not wanting to wait additional unnecessary time to receive your books back.  

    Again - Welcome to the Boards  



    Thank you.

  9. Let's clue this up. I was looking for accountability. Not in a monetary sense, but in a gesture of any sort, which in this case took the form of a phone call from Brittany and some sincere words.

    CGC provided that, and to be fair, I think Bob just showed a bit of that in the above post, so kudos to both.

    I love comics.

    For one reason or another, I haven't been able to pursue this hobby for a while now.

    I can now, and I hope to continue this journey with all of you.

    So thanks to CGC and everybody on this thread, for this memorable introduction to grading and its baggage.

    Despite the BS, I'm glad to be here, and hope to contribute/help at some point.

    After all, this is still supposed to be fun right?

  10. 10 hours ago, Bomber-Bob said:

    To be honest, I rarely let a problem go without complaining. The only difference here is I do my complaining directly to the company. I don't go on the internet to give bad reviews. Your original post was something like 34 sentences, that's a lot of complaining for a CC that didn't go through.

    Try reading the post and its title again. It was a factual retelling of events and a question posed to forum members as to "whether or not this is a standard CGC experience?"  

    When CGC contacted me she thanked me specifically for not posting a rant/complaint, but rather specific details that allowed her to effectively address the situation. (I haven't even brought up the rings on one of my slabs because that complaint is well-covered on here)

    As for "directly to the company"? I was contacted immediately by CGC after the post, never after the calls. I certainly was not expecting that, and I wouldn't even have answered the Florida area code if it hadn't resolved to an actual person's name.

    "I don't go on the internet to give bad reviews." 1. Wasn't a review 2. Internet? Hard to argue it's the internet but it's also a CGC forum, with CGC moderators and representatives, found at, wait for it........ Somewhat targeted...

    On a sincere note, I was hoping everything I'd heard over the years about these boards wasn't true, but even with warning, it's a pretty toxic environment. Thanks for the advice bud.


    9 hours ago, c_mkv said:

    Sounds like a lot  of “hub-bub” to me. Personally, OP sounds way too green. 

    Not that I’m a forkin expert but 3 “forkin” posts,,,,guh. 


    Cool story bro, other than the post was made BECAUSE I am "green". It being my first experience, I was asking for input on ""whether or not this is a standard CGC experience?"  

    Solid contribution though. Keep it up.

    5 hours ago, Gaard said:

    I can't comment on the op's reasons for posting, but if this experience happened to me, I would be very upset. Simply for the reason that there was a problem with the card but nobody (except CGC) knew about it. From what I understand, it wasn't until the op called that he was he made aware. That, as my vacuum says, sucks.

    Correct, Thank you for actually reading the post. The events that unfolded afterwards are what concerned me AND CGC equally. 


    4 hours ago, Keys_Collector said:

    He did his complaining to the company AND decided to post here. So its not like he complained for nothing and didnt reach out to CGC first multiple times before posting. Him being green gives him every reason to complain since the first impression can be a lasting one for customers. It seems like these forums are a place for people to argue with one another instead of listening to each others perspective on our experiences and hobby that we all share. Sad really, long time lurker here who recently started posting more but notice this more and more around here.  The main reason why I never decided to be active on the boards in the first place was because of said argumentative and elitist attitudes devaluing each others perspectives and experiences instead of supporting each other in our hobbies and listening. 

    Well said Keys. To you and the other collectors out there/on here, who support each other in this amazing hobby, please keep it up.

  11. At no point was it even explained to me what happened with the credit card info. My goal wasn't to complain either. As i stated, I was looking for input on whether or not this was a standard CGC experience. I have now been assured by CGC that it is not. Bob if you think it was an acceptable customer experience, then we simply have different standards in that area. 

    Also, even if a customer makes a mistake in a cc number or address, how are they supposed to know that unless the vendor advises them of said error??