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  1. 2020 bump Still looking...other want list books became more priority, but I still want this one... Looking for 8.0 to 8.5 WHITE PAGES
  2. I've been watching some of the CGC Instagram, he is rough with the comics Very pleased with the quick turnaround though...
  3. Excellent buyer! Very quick payment & outstanding communication! Responds quickly to messages.
  4. Please leave any buying or selling feedback! Thank you!
  5. Negative. I should be expecting my books around Christmas time though.
  6. I got my AMS 300 pressed & graded this past spring & came back a 9.2. Now I want to send this same book back & get Todd to sign it. Since I was happy with the 9.2 grade and would like to get the same grade, is it overkill to think about getting it pressed again (and save $20)? I'm concerned the people handling my book after CGC cracks the case will cause the grade to decrease. Also, is it not good to get a comic pressed multiple times, especially in a relatively short amount of time?
  7. I just called CGC customer service & you cannot use a Visa gift card to pay for the McFarlane signatures. (in case anyone else wanted to know)
  8. I went on Sunday and it was a good time. You are right about the event being a celebrity heavy convention. However, I was able to meet Neal Adams & Michael Zeck & had some comics signed (btw - talking with Mike Zeck was awesome - great guy). I felt like the celebrities/artists were more accessible & engaging than previous conventions I attended (ie Boston).
  9. Thanks everyone for your input & feedback! Some additional info...I ended up getting this issue 10+ years ago as part of a Batman collection of about 100 comics for $10 so there is very, very little financial investment. I hadn't thought about cracking my 8.0 and getting it signed. I would be bothered if it did grade lower than an 8
  10. I have a Batman 251 which is in not great condition (see pics), but it is my favorite! I'm thinking of getting this pressed & then having Neal Adams sign it next time he is around, then possibly submitting it to CGC. I currently own a Batman 251 CGC 8.0 Should I bother/is it worth it getting this pressed & cleaned? What additional value would I get from this b/c it is in not great condition? Should I just get Neal Adams's signature & be happy with it? Feedback greatly appreciated!
  11. Looking to buy Batman 235 CGC graded (maybe 7.5 to 8.5) or possibly a raw copy I am looking for preferably white pages; I may entertain slightly lower grades depending on price. Looking to spend between $100 & $200. References: eBay username Brownies8701 - 100% positive feedback on over 800 transactions. Purchased Batman 171, 232 & 237 on here in past Thanks in advance for helping me in my search.
  12. Bought a Batman 171 CGC 7.0 from Bob (misterrmystery). Shipped incredibly fast & packaging was phenomenal! Hope to buy from again!