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  1. I'll close this if people aren't sure, thanks anyway.
  2. They aren't helpful whatsoever really. Completely fair enough if that's your opinion but my queries haven't been answered. I would certainly never damage a comic in other circumstances but it's just a wrap, not a full comic. The damage has been done. This is so I can display all 4 pages (well 2, front and back) but don't want restoration labels so was just after advice on how to proceed. I'd never be able to purchase the full book so this is my only way.
  3. Hi everyone I’m interested in big keys but single pages to make affordable. An example being FF #1 or Avengers #1 etc etc. Let me know what you have. I’m in the UK. kind regards Ben
  4. Hi all I'm in the UK so would be great to save on postage if any UK sellers but please get in contact wherever you are from Show me those low grade FF#49's
  5. BA#12 9.4 UK sale only at the moment. Up for £550 on eBay but would discount to reflect eBay fees. Thanks
  6. In the UK so UK sellers preferred but not necessary. Flash 123 needs to be low grade but display well (2-3 kinda grade) TOS 58 needs to be low-mid grade but display well (2-6 kinda grade) thanks! Ben
  7. Thank you! Yeah probably around a 3.5 so maybe looking at a three taking that into account then. ill be happy with that with a blue label. It’s to protect and display anyway so not selling or anything