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  1. Someone got a steal in a vf comic. 8.0 condition copies of this book don’t come around often
  2. Intent of causing harm is not enough for civil court. You have to show you suffered a financial harm in order to win any judgment.
  3. Here is one I saw recently. Hulk 181 9.0 trimmed but blue label
  4. Hi, i have seen several books that are noted as having restoration applied to them receive universal labels. These same books always received purple labels in the past. is the reason they are receiving blue universal labels due to the fact they are custom labels? Will this be changed soon as it doesn’t seem right for restored books to still be in a blue label with a note on the cover.
  5. Obviously there is a market today and people can make money. My opinion is I don’t believe it will last. I explained the type of collectibles that seem to be popular down the road and I personally see pops not fitting my personal assessment. doesn’t mean it can’t. I’m def not infallible but more times than not things that are immediately viewed as collectibles rarely survive.
  6. You me and a whole host of people. And now they go for bucketloads on ebay.
  7. I dont think they can last really when the vast majority keeps them in their boxes and is viewed as an investment or something to be well taken care of. This leads to the supply just getting bigger and bigger imo. The objects that the majority took out of the box and used and enjoyed are the items that seem to develop into the real collectible wave. Anyone taken a look at the early super soakers that are still in the box. collectors are hunting them out like crazy but its an item I imagine was almost always taken out of the box and used for enjoyment.
  8. The valuation is only set at the high grade. Bb25 is incredibly more difficult than avengers 4 in high grade. mid grade and lower avengers 4 wipes the floor with bb25
  9. Same way showcase 4 is considered the beginning of the silver age. There are dates that exist. its a bigger and more interesting book than half the list.
  10. I believe tec225 is viewed as golden age. If not its typically pricier than bb28. also batman 121 is absolutely missing. It’s far more valuable than Batman 181 and flash123
  11. Anyone have a universal graded copy of green lantern 10 for sale. Looking for the golden age copy not silver age. thanks
  12. Looking to buy 1 to 3 depending on the cost GA sub mariner covers. $2k total budget max. If anything higher would only be interested if partial trade accepted (I got some killer stuff). Only blue label copies and nothing over 6.5 in grade. Thanks.