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  1. To each there own I guess. I know many collectors that would prefer a poorer visual versus a copy with brittle pages. Everyone has their preferences. I have a few 2.0 books myself that have brittle pages that present very well. I believe that at brittle, you start taking a hit on the grade of the book. Also I just got this book and didn't really try and put it in the most flattering manner since its not for sale and looks great in person to me. In person I find the colors on my copy really pop for a 1.8 book
  2. Finally got my tec73 back from Cgc. Such a ridiculously awesome batman cover. Normally I’m more of a first appearance but I’m more in the tec73 boat myself.
  3. I was all for a standard convo until your poor reply with an emojo and zero support. Awww you went through my history. Thats cute. so yeah I really dont come on here much, I have other outlets that I spend my time on, unlike you who seems permanently locked in. End of the day, poor analogy, zero retort, name calling. Yeah you are a beacon for this forum.
  4. Awwww someone needs a hug. Sorry I cant agree with your assessment on corporate greed. Its honestly not my fault I can read a financial statement while you remain illiterate to it. I am an avid collector and do post some of my books from time to time. I also sell on ebay and find this action by paypal to be a pure money grab but then again i do know what 2 + 2 equals. Many others on this thread are also quite capable as well. Shame you arent. Enjoy your Goat or whatever you have.
  5. 5 days. Don't flatter yourself. Unlike you, I dont hound the cgc forums much. Check out my history, large intervals of no comments. Its ok you dont have any better retort and an emoji. I am sure you are a bastion of knowledge on this matter but just prefer to keep it to yourself.
  6. Ill take that as throwing in the towel. Thanks for playing along. May yoru future analogies be more comparable.
  7. Do you know how many transactions they do. Also you are assuming a big event like $118k from a single customer. Fact is their profit levels are at near all time highs which is a much better gauge as to whether the 30 cents they presently make on every transactions plus 3% of all sales that are fully completed results in terrific profits. Have you read their Financials? Do you know for a fact refunds they are unable to collect are not offset by every single 30 cent charge they perform? What percentage of sales returns are uncollectible and result in Paypal having to eat the costs? You throw out big numbers saying there is a big risk but have no evidence that paypal has any difficulty collecting from the seller. Also for every single sales they make 30 cents regardless of the end result. Do you know how many transactions paypal does on a daily basis? Your original analogy was awful, paypals charges are nothing akin to rent and I called you on it. Paypal's pay structure is more akin to a royalty (think McDonalds) except Royalties dont get paid on money that has to be refunded. Also if the simple process of returning money from one account to another is so time cumbersome and costly, how is it they can process all friends and family transactions for free. Its doing the same thing, shifting of funds from one account to another and there is zero cost. Feel free to throw out more extreme level examples that have either not occurred or have not had a material impact on Paypal's profitability.
  8. Its no way shape or form the same. you dont pay a variable rent based on what you sell. Paypal charges 30 cents per transaction regardless of the total value. That has never been refunded and people understand cost of doing business. Now they are wanting to keep the 3% on top of that. Everyone arguing they are processing transactions seem to miss the fact its literally the same amount of work in collecting $10K as it is collecting $10, but in one case if the buyer decides to return the item just cuz, the seller is out $300 through no fault of their own. Is there work involved, sure but when its a percentage charge its them wanting a cut of the profits, and when there is none, they shouldnt profit nonetheless. They already get to keep the fixed fee to cover the processing costs.
  9. Finally got a copy of my fav dc villain. Has Brittle pages but oh well. Love this book
  10. One of those episodes where youre rooting against both sides.
  11. Maybe it’s one of those things where hiding it somewhere you least suspect someone would put $1.4m. Like honestly that’s one awful protection area
  12. Demand is a function of multiple things that have to be compared. 1. there is less than 100 Batman 11s out there at this time, so you cant get sales close to the other books you mentioned due to the limitations of the book. 2. The value of the book is a big factor. If NM 98 cost as much as Batman 11, demand would be equally as down. 3. Even if Demand is high, sales can be low due to individuals being priced out of a book. More people would prefer an Xmen 1 vs NM 98 but cant afford shelling out the cost for an Xmen 1. But give anyone the choice and they would take xmen 1 any day of the week over NM98. 4. Demand can be high for a book but low sales due to sellers asking too much of a premium. NM98 is so common it will consistenly sell for the exact same price, Batman 11 has all sorts of sales price levels. If Hulk 1 cost as much as New Mutants 98, every copy ever put for sale would immediately sell. Demand would far eclipse NM98 but it might still have fewer sales due to the fact fewer copies are available for sale. But just by the fact that its always sold out would show its the more in demand book.
  13. Ok so I was originally on the OPs side and thought people were hard on him especially since usually stolen items involving collectibles that result in an arrest are highly likely to be the culprit and people were being harsh on him. But man after reading his comments to people along with his history, yikes, I think I must agree with you and the others.
  14. Got this awhile back. So pumped. Batman 49 is One of my fav Golden age bat books.