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  1. Will do I’ll double check again today. Thanks for the tips.
  2. Well I did do a page count and check for color touch and no issues there. Really just the cover which seems ok in every area except for how much of the page is showing which feels very excessive. Thanks for the other info will def look into it
  3. Hi. Sorry for the post but I would love to get some experts opinions on this action comics 252 I have. I wouldn’t say I’m a novice but I’m def not an Uber expert. I’ve seen quite a bit in my time but this one gives me a little trepidation. The main concern and reason i suspect there may be trimming is due to how much of the page you see to the right of the cover. Never seen so much before which makes me fear the cover was trimmed. I did do some research on this before posting and here’s some of the conclusions I noticed 1. The cover art seems to show the same or more than many other graded action comics 252. 2. The cover seems to be starting to get loose from the staples which may explain why the cover is pulling to the left of the pages. I dont think it’s trimmed but was hoping some others may have experiences covers that had so much of the page sticking out before. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks. I figured as much. Not sure why but this submission feels like it’s taking the absolute longest. Doesnt help that it took 2 weeeks to get processed
  5. Sorry this might be a dumb question but the new tracking system changed a lot of the wording I found. Just out of curiousity is there still a received step or has that been replaced with scheduled for grading? I havent seen any of my submissions at received just straight to scheduled for grading. Sorry for the noob question
  6. Honestly im in the same boat but started last year. I always thought ga books were insanely more expensive than silver age but it’s not really the case in some areas. I found buying cool cool books that others aren’t into at this moment is the key. Last year action comics were not talked about much or had too much attention while joker covers were going crazy in people chasing them. This year action comics are doing well and joker covers are cold. Now I’m looking at joker covers myself. Buy what you like but if you like severa different titles focus on the ones no one else seems to care about right now
  7. Thanks. Well it still need to be shipped from clink but I won the splash page
  8. Does a page from the book count ?. Just got one from the clink auction. Might have overpaid but truthfully I don't care. This is beyond historical imo.
  9. Well thank you for your speculation. But this thread is about books that are heating up. If you want to tout the greatness of MSH 13 more power to you but this isn't the speculation thread. All I said was MSH 12 is heating up and hitting new highs but its still much cheaper than 13. I didn't say it should be worth more or even the same
  10. One Book I don't think anyone has mentioned is Marvel Superheroes 12. Book has been hitting new highs as of late. Still significantly cheaper than 13 but does seem to be closing the gap
  11. Just got my grades for a Economy submission with Fast track. Turn around time until shipping was 16 days. Grades came back way better than I thought though I may have been harsh on the books based on grading earlier this year.