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  1. I have a 2nd slabbed one of these with 2nd page showing a little as well. It looks white all the way down. Thus why I think the top edge of the front cover on this one has been cut.
  2. The spot I'm concerned about is the edge to the right of the 'S' in Avengers where I can see dark below and white above, almost like it was clipped inwards at that point.
  3. Recently purchased this CGC 9.8 Young Avengers #1 . No signs of tempering that I can see.... top right hand side looks damaged. Any chance this was actually graded like this?
  4. I finally sent it in for grading. 3.5 was the grade. Great estimate Terrapin!
  5. I'm debating whether it's worth having it pressed and graded because the edge on the top left corner has something going on there. The spot at the top edge to the left of Gwen's head is a non-color breaking bend which looks discolored but is just a glare. Appreciate some volunteer evals!
  6. @aszumilo, OOps.. my last post didn't include the new (non-scanned) picture of the "mark" on the back. Here it is. The soft cloth got rid of the fingerprints and as you can see below that mark is a non-color breaking tick.
  7. @1Cool and @poppy73 , I finally got the chance to wipe clean and take camera pictures of this Killing Joke issue you previously looked at. The scanned pictures you previously looked at portrays the major spine ticks as a break when it really isn't. Below are camera-taken pictures of the issues previously identified along with a new one. I'm trying to figure out if pressing would get this to 9.8 range or if I should just keep the book raw. 1. The major tick from on the back. As you can see, it does not break color, but it is deep. Direct Link: 2. The tick on the front. Do you think pressing would fix? Direct Link: 3. A bend across the back along the bottom. Do you think pressing would fix this? Direct Link: 4. The overhang in the rear. Direct link:
  8. @1Cool For clarity, is the big spine tick you're referencing the tick on the front or the big mark on the back that looks like a tick?
  9. Thanks @poppy73. How big of a deal is an overhang grade wise?
  10. Hi all, I'm wondering if this copy of the killing joke might be a good candidate to have cleaned and graded. I see one spine tick. Other than that quite a bit of fingerprints, and a white mark near the spine on the rear that I'm hoping cleaning will eliminate. What grade might I expect after having it cleaned? Direct Links: FRONT: BACK:
  11. Ha, I would be that poster and I have now fixed my blunder. I wish it were Marvel Comics presents, though. It would be one of a kind.
  12. @01TheDude, what's the background on this? I've googled this and see mention of a newsstand variant, but thinking there's probably some history on this in the CGC forum.
  13. @AJD @F For Fake and @ADAMANTIUM, thanks for the continuing opinions and for the roller coaster. I'll probably get it pressed and graded... and will definitely let you all know the result.
  14. Thanks for the feedback Terrapin and Adamantium!