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  1. I'm talking about the partially redacted string just above the price in the feedback profile page.
  2. I don't trust the redacted names ebay shows. when I go to Ebay from a different browser while not logged in and look a feedback I left from the page of the seller, the parts of the account name don't match mine. Try for yourself.
  3. I've seen several 9.8's (not of this specific ) with this kind of underhang. I have 1-2 myself.
  4. How does CGC handle grading for production defects that affect some, but not copies of a particular issue? The specific example I'm interested in is below (i've posted on a different thread but figured this would be a better place). Several copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 (the 2004 version) were printed with what looks like 3 claw marks on the top right hand section of the back cover. I personally have 2 of these copies with this defect and I've seen many more (see the pictures from ebay below) with the same problem. The ones with this flaw typically grade out at 9.4. If this were a commonly known/recognized flaw, would it grade any differently?
  5. Several different current or recently sold listings on ebay that all had the same 3 marks in top left area.
  6. Agree. If it were known that this is a common print flaw would that make a difference? And regardless, it looks like a decent % of these have this flaw. Seems like it would further elevate the value of the non flawed ones if widely known.
  7. Here's more ebay listings with the 3 "claw" marks on the back:
  8. I know this I'm probably over-reacting here but bear with me. Only 14K of this first appearance were printed. There is no 2nd run or variant. If there's a potential print flaw affecting a % of this low number, that is a big deal, right? I am now attaching pictures of my 2 9.4's. First picture is the front cover print flaw I mentioned above, the line between the T and O in the word story. 2nd picture is another set of identical flaws I noticed on the back cover. Both have 3 "claw marks" running down the top right of the back cover in the same place. I'm wondering how many were affected or if this is just a huge coincidence. Finally, I submit to you yet another Ebay listing. This one has a semblance of the front flaw , but check this out. The back has the same 3 claw marks. Check out picture # 11. so 2 questions: 1. What impact do print flaws like these have on ratings? 2. If this is a somewhat common flaw for this issue, does this have any impact on the value of flawless versions?
  9. A CGC 9.8 Black Panther #2 just sold for $800
  10. Amazing Fantasy 15 (the 2006 version) is heating up right now and has a very low print run just under 14K. I myself have 4 copies, each purchased from a different seller. 2 of which have a minor print flaw in the very same place at the top near the letter "o" in the word "story". . Yesterday I came across the ebay listing below which has the exact same flaw (see link below). I know its minor but wondering how common this flaw was on this issue and if it should affect a CGC rating.
  11. Does anyone have any thoughts on Totally Incredible Hulk #22 2nd print. (First Appearance of Weapon H)? That's a 2nd print that is pretty cheap in 9.8. Just not sure what legs the character has.
  12. Thanks. Just tried and agree. Very easy!! My new go to!
  13. Using the "taxExclusivePrice" hack, looks like the top one went for $750 and the bottom one went for $1000.