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  1. Listen Blubber Bob, call CGC and ask them. I have had many conversations with CGC reps, in person and of course on the phone, they will tell anyone who asks that the 1950 Black Rider is the first comic book appearance of Stan Lee. This is what they say, and I never said that I agreed with it, but it is what CGC has "said" in person to me. When you say...."CGC hasn't 'said' anything. Apparently they are not acknowledging a 1st app in comics for Stan" is almost understanding what this topic is about. Of course it would mean more money for 1 of my comics. Duh, Let me make this very simple for you blubber boy, Stan Lee has been a character in hundreds of comics, what is his 1st appearance. I CGC and ask them. Surely they would know. Then tell me what they say. Until then...go eat some more ice cream.
  2. hahaha, i am so sorry. please don't have a low opinion of me. I am so sorry if I offended you in any way. Please, oh please forgive me. I won't be able to sleep tonight if you don't forgive me. I feel so terrible. Please fat n lazy little boy.
  3. yes they change reality Bevis, they determine the price. Is money real in your reality?
  4. Spider-Punk has 3 covers and is becoming very popular in the "Spider Geddon" series. Don't be surprised to see his own series soon.
  5. You really can't be serious. I must have written it 10 times, this is what CGC says. CGC is saying that the 1950 Black Rider is his first appearance, call them. You are kidding me right?
  6. Wow! How stupid can some people be? 1st appearance notes, according to this genius, do not matter, EVER! Tell that to the guy who is selling the book that has in the notes "Spider-Man's 1st appearance".
  7. You do understand that you are really arguing with CGC. 3 pages in and you are still confused. You say "It has nothing to do with him being a real person" is exactly the opposite of what CGC says. Give them a call sometime. They will tell you that they do not recognize 1st appearances of "real people". Tell them it has nothing to do with being a real person, it's the main character, blah blah blah. Then let me know how loud they laugh at you before they hang up on you for being so ignorant. Your lack of knowledge is wasting my time. Please just go on to another post that you might understand, if their are any.
  8. I know that Tiger Woods is noted with a "1st Tiger Woods Cover" on his 1st Sports Illustrated cover, issued October 1996. CGC does not recognize many 1st appearances, I think the Beatles and many others should be recognized with a Comic Book 1st Appearance, like so many other "Real People" when they appear. By the way, CGC will now put Spider-Punk 1st appearance on label, thanks to me notifying them about it. So who knows who decides at CGC on the issue of who should be noted with a first appearance. It is not my job to tell them, but because of me Spider-Punk, Pickle Rick and others with now have a notation on the label that it is their 1st appearance. Something is very wrong if I have to tell them about this before they make any changes.
  9. Yes, he goes on a date with Margie and then he leaves her flat. Yes it predates the 1950 Black Rider. CGC is saying that The Black Rider is Stan Lee's 1st appearance, but they will not have it noted on the label, or any other label for that matter, because he was a real person, like Alice Cooper. I'm really not sure who decides the policy on 1st appearances, apparently it is the "Head Grader" at CGC. it should not be a controversial issue, it is a simple question. What is the first comic book appearance of Stan Lee? CGC say's the 1950 Black Rider, even if they are wrong, this is what they say. They will not note this on the label apparently because he was a "real person". The response I got after mentioning the Alice Cooper comic was "I'm Sorry". CGC does not have any label on any comic that notes "1st appearance of Stan Lee". But he has been in and on hundreds of comics. Round and round it goes. If Alice Cooper (real person) is important enough to be noted with a first appearance, shouldn't Stan Lee? No matter what comic it is?
  10. Could you be more of an insufficiently_thoughtful_person! CGC will say it is the Black Rider, even if I disagree, it is what CGC says .
  11. Bird, you make no sense! Please learn how to communicate so what you write makes sense. If you do not care about finding out the truth about Stan Lee's 1st comic appearance then go back to something more suitable for your intelligence level, go back to watching Bevis and Butthead and don't concern yourself with CGC policies.
  12. CGC does not recognize Krazy Komics #12, 1943 as Stan Lee's 1st appearance, even though he does appear in this comic. Also, his appearance in Astonishing #4, 1951 is not recognized by CGC. I've been talking with CGC for a very long time about this, all they say is that Black Rider 1950 is Stan's 1st appearance. But they have not recognized any comic as being his 1st appearance, with notation on the label, which is unbelievable to me. The "Real people do not get 1st appearances" answer CGC gave me is untrue because of the Alice Cooper Marvel Premiere #50. Even though if you call and ask them what comic is Stan Lee's first appearance. they will tell you it is the 1950 Black Rider.
  13. This is the first comic book that Stan Lee ever had his writing published, commonly known as his first comic book story. But he does not appear in or on the comic. Nice try.
  14. Do you even know what a bootlicker means? I doubt you do. I am getting to the bottom of what is the 1st comic book appearance of Stan Lee? Why don't you call CGC and see what they say?