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  1. Colleagues, good day to you. The only bidding strategy formulated on my part was to simply make it obvious that I intended to win the specific Batman 608 rrp 9.8 auctions in question by denoting a notable number of bids in advance accordingly. While I generally do not take this approach, I was willing to pay more than what I thought the general market would deem 'reasonable' because I wanted them at least two of them at that time. I was actually very surprised to see the three 608 rrp's auctioned during that particular timeframe, especially the signature series copy at that grade. Relative to how I became aware of this thread, I essentially stumbled upon it while perusing the CGG site and associated forums...I was hoping to chance upon anything being noted about the popularity - or possibly lack thereof - of the Batman 608 rrp. Needless to say, I was very surprised to read through the back-and-forth discussion and speculation occurring between several of you regarding my purchases. I honestly just happened to be in a fortunate position to acquire the three books at that time. Regards...
  2. Colleagues, good day to you. I can provide the appropriate clarity regarding this matter, specifically as it relates to the three purchases of Batman 608 RRP cgc 9.8 (one being a SS signed by Jim Lee) made on my part earlier this year. First, please be advised there are no questionable motive(s) on my part, as I consciously made the decision to pursue the acquisition of these books during the time they were auctioned. I truly have an affinity for this particular edition, given its limited quantity/availability, especially at the 9.8 grade, in conjunction with the fact that I had the funds available to me at the time and I took advantage of it. I truly regretted selling the books I previously owned and made the decision to acquire at least a couple of them if the timing were right. I'm not at all concerned about the price paid on my part because I wanted the books. I feel especially fortunate to have been able to purchase the 9.8 Lee SS. There was no communication between me and the sellers, other than the feedback I provided subsequent to my taking receipt of the books. My intent is to keep at least two of the books and possibly sell the third copy at some point in the future, but no time soon. Ultimately, Jaydogrules is correct in his observation of this particular activity. Regards...