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  1. Same with me, have quite a few books to sent.
  2. Just was at a garage sale this morning today. I found some nice books.
  3. Well... This IS a thread about reprints, right? Thus, we are reading a reprint!
  4. Actually. ... should be said Canadian napping price variant of ASM #798 The Red Greggy Goblin. Come to think. .. I might know who's gonna show up in this book.
  5. Hmm... I would say "equal = 2", but I like your +1.
  6. Off from work now. Heading to home to do the 's royal command. yes, my sire
  7. Well... yes I did read that comment above the pictures. But... You still blew out my brain outta my skull! Excuse me while I replace the breaker fuse inside me. And... You say they're NFS? Ok, then put me on the NFS waiting list when you decide to drop out "N".
  8. The mystery finale book ... might be the Archie 50???? I wish...