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  1. williamhlawson

    Selling advice

    That is stunning, moody, broody Conan by Frazetta -- would bump the sketch value significantly imho. As to it's authenticity, ask here!!! Folks are generally very honest and forthright, although opinions vary always. It looks good to me as far as legitimacy (fluid lines, not forced, his stance, just looks right, etc.), his 'signature' is the easiest thing to authenticate most likely due to repetitive examples. As to it's value, again, ask here!! The Heritage numbers provided above are a good starting point, but every piece is unique and has it's own up and downside(s) per collector. That being said, I'd overpay for this one in particular if in my spending range and from a respected dealer/auction house. Thanks for sharing here and best of luck.
  2. williamhlawson

    Does Heritage "production art" scare you off the same?

    I agree. Not all are created equal. I know I've seen a few pages from Simonson's Thor run that certainly made me desire them. An affordable way to acquire an unreachable page/artist for many, I think that is the point now that they're showing up like mad and prices on traditional pencil/ink pages have been driven beyond a larger portion of collectors....but the confusing/deceptive part of a clearly labeled production color guide is far less than the 'unused cover's with trade-dress' movement I've seen too much of at respectable houses lately.
  3. williamhlawson

    Does Heritage "production art" scare you off the same?

    Not a fan of 'color guides' being referred to as original art. That being said, not all cg are created equally. Some are clearly more appealing to the eye and should have some value if clean, well done and displayable. The term production art generally makes me move immediately on.
  4. williamhlawson

    Does Heritage "production art" scare you off the same?

    Montani semper liberi. Always loved our state motto, Mountaineers are always free. Virginia's...Sic semper tyrannis (thus always to tyrants), is the exact reason WV told them to go to hell after they (VA) seceded from the Union in 1861. Just started our own damn government. Never get WV mentions, so thought I'd just represent (before the jokes start).
  5. williamhlawson

    Seeding bins at a convention - how do you do it?

    This is by far, the most comprehensive overview of convention set-ups I've seen. I'm very, very glad for it. My first one coming up (with a mentor who has done it), and I genuinely am learning a ton, laughing a bit, getting spooked, getting geeked, etc. Months to prepare, my chunk of 250+ long boxes is being used for inventory, and I just wanted to comment here so I wouldn't lose the thread LOL. I want to sell comics at this event and believe I will sell more due to this thread. THANKS to all in this awesome community.
  6. williamhlawson

    Best of 2018 - Discuss your nominees here

    This makes my heart do something I'm not sure what yet, looked at it repeatedly, can't think of anything neat to say. Stunning and LOVE this palette when he uses it.
  7. Always get excited seeing what wonderful, shiny, beautiful thing waits behind your sale events. Best of luck!
  8. williamhlawson

    JADEGIANT COMIC ART coming soon

    Don't know you truly, but several conversations and such on here have led me to believe this is a great thing for you. A big congratulations and best of luck in this new endeavor. SMASH!!! in hulk-speak.
  9. Published...Shining Knight, 1 pg. 4, more Simone Bianchi savagery.
  10. Published. Wolverine 50 p. 4, Simone Bianchi savagery.
  11. williamhlawson

    2018 Collecting Goals

    Congratulations Mitch, while I haven't purchased from you in 15 or so years, you've always been a class-act and I'm glad you get the same giddy feelings we all do when IT arrives.
  12. williamhlawson

    2018 Collecting Goals

    Did it. 12 interior pages in 12 months from Simone Bianchi in 2018 (with 2 enroute). And only 2 months till a Masterpiece joins the crew. Essentially a one-artist year, but it's no Vigilante imho.
  13. williamhlawson

    (attempted) Flip of the Day!

    Ok...just because it's New Years and this.... THE issue, quite simply is so conveniently overlooked. Simply discussing (so chill) the above profit making plans, abilities, failures, successes or timeline's in resale. In regards to the Witching covers....If you sell 1/2 the covers for 10 times the auction close, no harm (to anyone except the original seller). EVERY single art dealer sell's for profit by design, certain collector's like to point out those out to make a quick (and often unreasonable) turnaround sale for some reason. If this helps to avoid impropriety in bidding then I can understand the reasoning. If those pointing out buy/sell's are dealers, I question not only their motive, but also their method. If you sell 1/2 the covers, with 1/2 the story...then that's THE problem. Always. TRUTH and FULL DISCLOSURE (with back scans) be told about WHAT you are selling. Terms such as 'un-used' cover, 'b' cover, alternate version, not to mention pencils/blueline only 'but I swear this was published from only the pencils'... are the bane of our hobby these days. If you appear to purposely avoid telling the WHOLE story, or not telling it, or skirting it...this community, more than any other I've seen, will quickly 'call it as they see it'.
  14. williamhlawson

    Anyone know this artist?

    Maybe Christopher J. Hicks...face rings a bell. Mister Blank? Slave Labor Graphics around right time I think as well.
  15. williamhlawson

    Is anyone here buying into monoprints

    The word print in this sense truly negates it's originality. It will never be original, one of one print is a print by definition. Olden days, the blocks were original imho. Computerized, no original exists except as digitized data, literally ones and zeros to be all matrix on ya, which is corruptible and entirely dependent on technology to even interpret and visualize. It's just nonsense, regardless of which type of art we speak of. Mono print as defined by uniquely applying inks, fine...still a print. Still not original, despite partial color variations, still a print. Original art should mean exactly that and nothing else. The pencils only, blueline pencils digitized with original inks, pencils and inks originals market is getting hard enough to decipher in current times. One of one is my goal. But by hand, and exclusively touched and created by an artist, using skilled methods and tools, not an artist using a digital medium contributing to skynet's understanding of the only thing that truly separates us from the animals.