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  1. Thanks to all who offered their opinions and views. I was going to wait for a walkthrough, but unknown when at this point so it may be a direct sub. Stay safe all and again, thanks for your input
  2. Yes, I agree there are presentation differences regarding the X10, rusting staples effects the entire book, every wrap, it's structural integrity, etc. so I understand severity with technical grade associated with such as well. Presentation isn't everything, though highly important in my collecting over the years, with a 'bang for the buck' vg being my fave My AF seems a little more solid spine wise and overall cover appearance top to bottom. I see the rear cover pulling that book up from lower, but just my opinion. The rear cover on mine is clearly in need of a clean, but the bottom edge chipping is the most severe downgrade I believe. So the rear cover I believe pulls that one up, and in my case pulls it down. I still think its a 2 minimum, a 2.25 is in order, with a 2.5 possible with clean. But...we'll see.
  3. Me too, but...I wasn't gonna be 'that' guy. I mostly agree with... Which sounds like my exact thoughts tbh.
  4. Thanks to all so far...and just fyi I had this at a 2.0 approximately. A friend interested in it swore it at 1.8 to 2, hence CGC is in this one's future. I've seen some of the 2.0's and 2.5's and some do appear significantly worse eye appeal wise. Again, thanks and keep the opine's coming.
  5. Hi gang. Recent pick-up from a local friend, one-owner, bought at our in-town newsstand in '62. The book is fairly solid, attached at staples, one small nick rear cover spine is still attached, small stain upper right f/c and first wraps, spine damage, rear cover surface soiling, one page tear at bottom, rubbed bottom spine corner, and rough upper right edge. Trying to see about how this community grades...I know what I think, but I've been out of the game for a bit and am off to some degree usually.
  6. and oh yeah...how it arrived....
  7. Wow, missed this, missed this, missed this. This item was just sold on ebay days ago, if you are the lucky owner, please PM me for an offer once it is in hand. Sigh, wish me luck guys.
  8. That is stunning, moody, broody Conan by Frazetta -- would bump the sketch value significantly imho. As to it's authenticity, ask here!!! Folks are generally very honest and forthright, although opinions vary always. It looks good to me as far as legitimacy (fluid lines, not forced, his stance, just looks right, etc.), his 'signature' is the easiest thing to authenticate most likely due to repetitive examples. As to it's value, again, ask here!! The Heritage numbers provided above are a good starting point, but every piece is unique and has it's own up and downside(s) per collector. That being said, I'd overpay for this one in particular if in my spending range and from a respected dealer/auction house. Thanks for sharing here and best of luck.
  9. I agree. Not all are created equal. I know I've seen a few pages from Simonson's Thor run that certainly made me desire them. An affordable way to acquire an unreachable page/artist for many, I think that is the point now that they're showing up like mad and prices on traditional pencil/ink pages have been driven beyond a larger portion of collectors....but the confusing/deceptive part of a clearly labeled production color guide is far less than the 'unused cover's with trade-dress' movement I've seen too much of at respectable houses lately.
  10. Not a fan of 'color guides' being referred to as original art. That being said, not all cg are created equally. Some are clearly more appealing to the eye and should have some value if clean, well done and displayable. The term production art generally makes me move immediately on.
  11. Montani semper liberi. Always loved our state motto, Mountaineers are always free. Virginia's...Sic semper tyrannis (thus always to tyrants), is the exact reason WV told them to go to hell after they (VA) seceded from the Union in 1861. Just started our own damn government. Never get WV mentions, so thought I'd just represent (before the jokes start).