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  1. The Daily Mail is the tabloidest of tabloids that tends to divide all things in existence is two categories: things that cause cancer and things that prevent cancer. Sometimes the same item appears on both list. For those outside the UK, I would take anything the Daily Mail says with a fistful of salt.
  2. Yeah. It was the cheapest #48 I could find on eBay on a BIN. But the other copies I saw weren’t that much more expensive either at the time in early Nov. In fact, the pence copies were even less.
  3. Aside from having a copy of Giant Size X-Men 1, I had never owned any other key issue comics or even read a Silver Age comic. After watching the trailer for Black Panther back in November, I decided I wanted the character’s first appearance. I found the below copy on eBay for about $180 and couldn’t believe how cheap it was.
  4. I thought Deadpool made a cameo appearance in the last page of Fantastic Four #1 cover date Nov 1961
  5. That might be difference right there. I never read the comics as a kid. Only came to them as an adult. So I can see the Silver Age key comics as quaint yet charming collectables. I dunno, maybe I’m just talking out of my inter-gluteal cleft to justify spending around $1,000 on comics that I could have spent on art instead.
  6. Do you mean that Kirby/Ditko drawn Silver Age characters like Spider-Man, Thor etc will have a longer cross generational appeal than art of popular characters like Deadpool and Walking Dead? If so, I am inclined to agree. But I don’t think random Bronze Age Marvel/DC covers bought at premium will retain their inflated value once collectors who were teenaged during the Bronze Age move on. I think delekkerste gave a really good example in one of earlier pages how ‘The Correction’ might happen.
  7. It’s a very optimistic look, in a glass definately not completely empty kinda way. But just for posterity, I would note that, outside of being IP farms, unfortunately comics have very little cultural significance in any greater sense. I say this as someone who writes comics (although admittedly only at a small press level; so take it with a pinch of salt). As an example from my own life, most of my friends are voraciously readers and consumers of fiction. And whilst a large percentage of those who watched and liked the Game of Thrones TV show went on to read the novels, literally no one who liked The Walking Dead show went on to read the comics, even after I offered it to them. That said, I do hope you are right.
  8. I reckon that at the time of ‘The Correction’, these pieces will be the first to be corrected.
  9. It does appear that OA collectors are put off by the obsession with grade/conditions required in collecting comics. I myself prefer old looking low grade books as long as they are presentable; As an aside, I feel that that my non OA/comic collecting ‘civilian’ friends are also more impressed by lower grade books as they exude more antique quality. That’s the main issue right there. Any key comic or first appearance (Original X Men, Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Thor - basically Kirby characters), the possibility of getting OA from those is simply nonexistent. So what the cheaper alternative? I suppose I could get art from modern comics with these characters. But then it would be art by Kirby. Hence the comics themselves as something instead of nothing.
  10. This is a page from my second favourite issue of Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, featuring the ‘Green’ Lantern Medphyll and Swamp Thing’s consciousness. Buying this page on eBay was a new learning experience for me as to how PayPal deals with complaints. When the page arrived I noticed that the last panel is mostly a stat. This wasn’t disclosed during the auction and at the time, I don’t know/think to look for stats. I rose the issue and the seller’s response was: “This is the original art used in production. I don't have the art in hand, but I suppose in one portion of one panel, the artist used a stat. This does not diminish the value as the page, as it is still the one of a kind original piece used in production” PayPal said they would offer a full refund if I returned the page. But being based in the UK, return postage that I would have had to bear myself would have been too high and I would have been out-of-pocket, without even any art to show for it. So I decided to keep the page Ultimately, a few good things came out of the experience: 1. I have a page from one of my favourite issues of Moore’s run. I previously had a page by Totleben/Bissette and now have one from Veitch/Alcala. 2. I now know how PayPal deals with complaint for the future and it’s good to know they will provide recompense if ever I received something that was fully a fake. 3. I feel like can better recognise stats now and know what to look for in the future, even when they are not disclosed. 4. Hopefully, having to deal with the complaint will be enough to impress upon the seller the importance of disclosing stats and allowing buyers to make the decision to buy a page with stat or not.
  11. A very interesting present day case study of what you have said is to come 20 years in the future.
  12. It appears to me from reading the message boards and listening to Felix Comic Art Podcast the the typical path for OA collectors is start with collecting graded/key comics and then move onto OA. I had never collected single issue/key comics. But after having started collecting original comic art just under a year or so ago, I’ve started dabbling in key comics recently. It’s mostly because of Kirby. I would really like a piece of Kirby Silver Age OA, but there is no way I can afford it. But I figure I can still get first print/first appearance Silver Age comics like FF 48 to 52 in mid grade for a few hundred $ and those things do tend to hold their value. So I was wondering if anyone else here has branched into collecting key comics from collecting OA.
  13. In case the question is if these are worth anything, my answer would be that they can be pricey to buy but ultimately worthless and with little resale value. Obviously. Maybe!