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  1. I'd guess a few hundred at most. Heathcliff does not have the mass plebeian appeal of Garfield.
  2. Here's one more: Surgeon Stone by Richard Fletcher from 1949
  3. Honestly I have no idea how the Garfield strips command as much as they do today. The art is shockingly pedestrian, and so is the humor. The 10,000 dump should normalize the market hopefully in a few years, if not immediately.
  4. Very cool! How did you track down the image of the published version?
  5. Here's another: Watso's Hacksaw the Detective from 1945. A pretty decent Sherlock Holmes clone!
  6. Very nice. What's your connection to Carol Day if you don't mind me asking?
  7. Here's another: an adorable Gene Byrnes Reg'lar Fellers strip from 1934
  8. Brian - these are beautiful. I love the Buck Rogers strip. That torn half of a Superman strip is interesting - kudos to whoever salvaged it!
  9. I remember seeing this in one of his books a while ago - beautiful!