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  1. I went. It was good. For me, it was awesome because Ryan Ottley never comes to Florida cons and Rob Guillory was there. That's more Image guys than the Tampa Con has had. More Image people please. Did Stegman cancel? I didn't see him.
  2. That's the kind of booth I love, but haven't seen in this area in years. I doubt I'll make it out there though. Too much other stuff I want to do this weekend. If kids were free like at the Tampa Bay Comiccon, I would've bought a three day pass and taken my kids Sunday while I shopped Friday and Saturday like TampaCon. Charging for kids under 13 bothered me since I'm used to free..... Especially for an unproven con.
  3. 5 due to the creases on the bottom and the right side of the cover.
  4. Errrr..... If guests are confirmed, shouldn't that info be made public to allow attendees or possible attendees to plan? Only reason to withhold that I can think of would be that the list is considered subpar for a legit con.
  5. This sucks. His explanation, of course, makes sense, but I can't believe he'd end it. I was hoping this would continue on forever as he has said, as his labor of love. There has to be other artists willing to work on it, so in the end, this is Kirkman ending it because he isn't making money on it. My monthly pull used to be full of capes, image and vertigo. Today, it's only Invincible, Saga and Twd and the only reason I still get any singles is Invincible. After it ends, I'm done with buying any monthlies. Spiderman has always been my favorite character until the Invincible universe came along. I've always explained Invincible as Spidey done right. There's still so much story to tell and so many hanging plots..... I love TWD, but story-wise, that is the title that should logically end before Invincible. Not money-wise though. Kirkman has been my favorite creator since he came around. Ultimate x-men, Ant-Man, marvel team-up, were all books that spoke to me even though he didn't create them. Destroyer and mutant 2009 were amazing. But none of those could top his creator owned stuff. I'm extremely disappointed in him for ending his best creator owned super hero world. I honestly had to stop and make sure today wasn't April 1. Wow. Super bummed. One more reason (a really big one) for me to stop comics altogether, follow Saga in hardcovers and consolidate the mess out of my collection. Dramatic? Yeah, but this is the only book that always kept me into comics when no others could. Love Kirkman, abhor this decision.