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  1. At this time I would like to note that the census will always be seriously incorrect all the time forever and always.
  2. Use a comic book price guide for graded comics like "go collect".
  3. It looks like something got stuck to the printing plate and it didn't transfer ink. Just a guess but I think they would let it go. However, If I were in the marker for a CGC 9.8 I would not buy yours lol.
  4. Did you notice that the Sneak Peak you won had creep engine? Was wondering if you are going to send it in to fix or not? Wont it damage the book after a while?
  5. Why does the paper always slip? Im grumpy about it all the time.
  6. I thought this style caused the wavy book after time not the newton rings.
  7. Can anyone point me in the direction of a discussion of why it seems CGC is using this inner well style again? Or lack of inner well style with the two sheets.
  8. When you say “box”, what do you mean? A specific box that CGC stocks that holds 25 comics or any old box they have laying around that they randomly use to ship product with. Or do they use the packaging they received it in (your packaging).
  9. It seems more 10's and 9.9's were issued in the past and at some point somebody said okay no more 10's and 9.9's lets make 9.8 the new max unless a new guideline is met. Also, sometimes a 9.8 will have a questionable defect or a combination of two small defects that some may feel pushes it below a 9.8.
  10. How often did something like that happen with the final grader override with such a discrepancy? Assuming you made calls on most of your submissions. That's really interesting. CGC's grading process description on their website doesn't really get that specific. It does say..."if all grades are in agreement or are very close, the book will be assigned a final grade. If there is disagreement among the graders, there will be a discussion with other graders until a final determination is made."
  11. Sorry to lead you the wrong way there. Way to go!...to get a real answer.