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  1. When you say “box”, what do you mean? A specific box that CGC stocks that holds 25 comics or any old box they have laying around that they randomly use to ship product with. Or do they use the packaging they received it in (your packaging).
  2. It seems more 10's and 9.9's were issued in the past and at some point somebody said okay no more 10's and 9.9's lets make 9.8 the new max unless a new guideline is met. Also, sometimes a 9.8 will have a questionable defect or a combination of two small defects that some may feel pushes it below a 9.8.
  3. How often did something like that happen with the final grader override with such a discrepancy? Assuming you made calls on most of your submissions. That's really interesting. CGC's grading process description on their website doesn't really get that specific. It does say..."if all grades are in agreement or are very close, the book will be assigned a final grade. If there is disagreement among the graders, there will be a discussion with other graders until a final determination is made."
  4. Sorry to lead you the wrong way there. Way to go!...to get a real answer.
  5. I see what you're saying. When you go through the submission form and select both services on a single entry it defaults the CGC grading to fast track if you selected fast track CCS. However, I went to through it a second time and this time I only selecting the CCS fast track service and added it to the cart. I than went through again and added the same comic, this time selecting only CGC with non fast track and added it to the cart. In this situation both services are listed in the cart for the same comic. Maybe thats your solution but I would double check.
  6. The U hugs the corner on that cover so maybe its not a big deal. Sometimes staple position is looked at as a manufacturing variance and doesn't impact grade. The polybag seal on the book may leave a crease on the book from the heat seal. If this is present it would require a press to remove to improve the grade. I don't know. Just random things to think about.
  7. Video game grading follows your thinking: here are some samples of their standards or were they create two scales. Standard Grading Scale – for sealed/new in package video games, systems, and accessories from all years Qualified Grading Scale (items are accompanied by documentation) – for opened package with new contents video games, systems and accessories from all years ...but baseball cards sealed in an unopened set are not guaranteed to be mint and as valuable as well graded ones. Comics are like that. A sealed comic in a bag even leaves an indentation from where the seal was made that technically damages the comic.
  8. The Maxx #1/2 1st Wizard Mail-Away Exclusive with MANUFACTURING ERROR COVER An operator lets the foil run out and people try to sell it for $15,000-$27,000
  9. That Saga 2nd print is a 9.6? Just double checking you don't have another 9.8.
  10. How do you feel when someone accidentally touches your boobs? Usually when I accidentally touch them, I either jerk my hands off them as fast as I can or act like I never touched them to avoid an awkward conversation, even though we both know what happened. Oh and I ask this because earlier today, my friend tripped while wearing a very thin shirt and I tried to help her back up by grabbing her armpits and lifting up, I horribly misjudged where her armpits were and lifted her by the boobs instead. When she was back standing, I jerked my hands back as fast as possible and avoided eye contact with her for a bit but since I usually look downward when I avoid eye contact, I'm kinda paranoid she thinks I was staring at them the whole time.