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  1. Searching for Steven Hughes Lady Death cover art. Already covered online auction sites, comic art L and the dealers there. Finders fee paid for any help. If anyone knows of any hidden Lady Death cover art hit me up. Money in hand. Thanks!
  2. Can you add Previews Presents Queens of Halloween ashcan Regular and Platinum please? Thanks in advance. Dave (Where would you like this to be added?)
  3. 6 9.8s and 1 9.9 not too shabby, hopefully they will be in hand tomorrow. Thanks national holiday for postal workers!
  4. Hopefully not long now. "Graded/Quality Control" Hoping the books ship by the end of next week.
  5. Thanks Joe. I'll look out for the "shipped" change. The invoice has now shown as "graded" for close to 10 days, so I'm hoping to see a change to "shipped" soon.
  6. My first submission was received a few days before Xmas. As I check on the progress my invoice # says "GRADED" but the page that lists the books still is blank "n/a" as far as any grading numbers. At this rate I'm thinking I'll get the books in person before the invoice page is updated!!!!!!
  7. I spoke with Stanley via Facebook and shipped the book. Less than a month turn around time.