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  1. Maybe a bump because it's issue #1? I think your valuation's about right.
  2. I second that. That's where I did most of my checking. It showed the source and the number of pieces they added.
  3. I like how you apologize for a brief outage for a very valuable, completely free service you provide. But thanks for getting it online again so fast! It's a really great tool!
  4. I think things shoot up in price quickly, but it takes a long time for them to come down, even if the movie/show doesn't create a splash. Increased demand from a movie rumor can create a run and increase prices quickly as people resell and mark them up. But the decreased demand after the movie flop doesn't force those with inventory to sell at a loss. So they sit there forever at the inflated prices. Just like all the 1990's "hot" issues were still for sale at 1993 prices at shops 10 years later, even when no one really wanted them.
  5. Really nice! The reprint of this was the second Silver Age X-men book I ever bought. I thought the cover was really cool, and this splash has the same sort of feel to it. No battle, but it's almost cooler without it. Really nice Magneto image. He really didn't appear that much in the book between Kirby and Steranko, so there aren't many to pick from in this run.
  6. I really liked the Black Hole. It didn't have enough action for the Star Wars crowd, but it was a really moody picture with great music and some really striking character designs. I group it with some of the other "kids" movies of the time that were way more adult than any adult probably realized. Watership Down, Hobbit, Secret Of Nihm, Plague Dogs
  7. I used to think those Larocca covers like this where he'd only ink some of the blacks were sort of strange. But the more I see of them, the more I like them. I like his style and it makes the art really stand out. Nice score!
  8. Yeah, just glue some trade dress on there with superglue and ask 3x what you paid for it and you're all set.
  9. I skimmed through the issues I know of Ron Garney drawing and no luck. It's from that same timeperiod. May be an unpublished piece? It's really nice though.
  10. Yeah, this one's a really great piece. I think over 100.
  11. I really don't care for most of the art on that run, but the stories make it plenty good reading. But it beats the heck out of his second run. That's some rough stuff.
  12. Point being the Finch will never overtake that ground, regardless of the length of time, because it didn't have an impact on nearly as many people. No argument on nostalgia, but some nostalgia's more popular than others. 18 years from now, how many people will think back fondly on Messiah Complex as their favorite X-Men story?
  13. The Lee one is from a very well-remembered story from a time when the series had the highest consistent sales numbers ever, and when comic issues were a much bigger deal. The Finch one is fine, but was a significant issue for a far smaller number of people. I bought that Lee one off the stands in 8th grade. It wasn't even one of my favorite issues, but I remember everyone talking about it at the time.
  14. That's a really nice one. I think Larocca's work was top notch - missing digital effects or not. My love is definitely for the Claremont run, but there were a few post-Claremont artists who I thought did some really neat work. Larocca and Tan come to mind. And of course Quietly. Congrats on a great piece!
  15. You'll regret it if you don't buy it. If it really speaks to you, it's worth it.