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  1. Looks like 5 unpublished covers on one board to me. Just have to add the trade dress...
  2. I thought the published version of 29 sold at auction quite a few years back, but I may be remembering that wrong. I bet a lot of them sold to collectors back in the 80's, so who knows where they might all be. Isn't 34 still considered stolen? There's a prelim for 64, but I'm not sure where the published version is. Shame, since I'd rank that one up there as well - though certainly in a different vein than the others. But I've always been a big Totleben fan.
  3. You can email them and ask. If you ask about a general category, they'll sometimes send a pricelist for a few pieces. But they'll definitely be 3x market price at least. Several will probably be things they've bought through auction houses recently with their trade credit, so you'll likely see several things that sold recently, for about 3x what they sold for originally. If you look on ebay and comiclink, they have several up for sale eternally, since they never sell. They stand out because of the really high cost. Honestly, you'll be better off just bidding on one that comes up in the next few Heritage auctions. It's like getting it from them at a 66% markdown.
  4. I'd rank #30 top, but that's at least somewhat nostalgia. That book changed my life. Plus I think the Bissette/Totleben art from that period is more to my liking than the later stuff. Point taken on Yeates. He's good, but not the same feel - especially the covers. The covers to 20-23 feel more like they belong with the pre-Moore books.
  5. I've bought and traded with Mike a few times over the years. He's been easy to work with for me and is always a stand up guy.
  6. Glad they escaped! Some nice pages too. That Solar crossover was very cool.
  7. Turns out I'll happen to be in town for this. Really looking forward to checking it out!
  8. I didn't care as much about the Choose Your Own Adventure line, but I'd love to own some from the Fighting Fantasy line from the 80's. I read all of these and loved them. If anyone knows where art to any of these might be, I'd be pretty interested in them. Same for Steve Jackson's Sorcery series:
  9. I was very tempted on this one. Weeks' Daredevil run had some nice art, but #300 was the climax and a great story. This is a great page that sums up the book, and has DD and Kingpin. If this were from a different issue, I doubt it would have the same result.
  10. Tremendous score! Congratulations! It's pretty cool to have all the pieces together. I didn't read much Rom, but I definitely recognized this image. Was it used as a promo ad as well?
  11. Terrific page! That's right in my wheelhouse and one of the best pages from that issue. Congratulations!
  12. Very cool! Thanks Felix! Sounds like this will be an interesting one!
  13. Really nice piece! Congratulations!