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  1. Turns out I'll happen to be in town for this. Really looking forward to checking it out!
  2. I didn't care as much about the Choose Your Own Adventure line, but I'd love to own some from the Fighting Fantasy line from the 80's. I read all of these and loved them. If anyone knows where art to any of these might be, I'd be pretty interested in them. Same for Steve Jackson's Sorcery series:
  3. I was very tempted on this one. Weeks' Daredevil run had some nice art, but #300 was the climax and a great story. This is a great page that sums up the book, and has DD and Kingpin. If this were from a different issue, I doubt it would have the same result.
  4. Tremendous score! Congratulations! It's pretty cool to have all the pieces together. I didn't read much Rom, but I definitely recognized this image. Was it used as a promo ad as well?
  5. Terrific page! That's right in my wheelhouse and one of the best pages from that issue. Congratulations!
  6. Very cool! Thanks Felix! Sounds like this will be an interesting one!
  7. Really nice piece! Congratulations!
  8. The stats are bad enough, but pasting onto another backboard? Might as well draw mustaches and eye patches on all the characters if you're going to change the art that much.
  9. Very cool! There's more detail in the Spideys than I would have expected. Nice find!
  10. It is the page that has Wolverine falling into the sewer. Not great images of it, but it leads into some pretty iconic images at the end of this issue and in the next issue. I think most of the pages from the next issue aren't going anywhere any time soon, so possibly some see it as the next best thing?
  11. Looks like the Jose Delbo page is from the same story as these: They ID it as a "learn to read" title, but it doesn't look like they found the specific publication.
  12. I'm a fan of just about everything he ever did, but there's no denying that this was his best piece ever. Just incredible. Pretty cool to see it in a frame.
  13. I'd always wondered if those infamous Alpha Flight 6 pages that were completely blank because of a "snowstorm" had ever been sold as original art. Looks like there's another example coming up in an upcoming Comicconnect auction. I wasn't as familiar with this one, but it looks to be the same kind of thing. Sort of cool, even though it's basically just a word balloon and a Byrne autograph. Have any of the other examples like this been sold? Maybe the BWS Solar 10 cover? Just curious how they might do.
  14. Anyone know how big the originals were? I have some of the prints that were put out a few years back, and some of those were pretty big. Just wondering how large this guy will end up being.