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  1. @oldrover this guy is gunning for your rank.
  2. I screwed my education up. I could paint myself as a victim and say that the system failed me, but, I knew exactly what I was doing when I did it. The education system just isn't a good fit for someone like me. And the entire system wasn't against me. As an example: I applied for Algebra 2. I was put into Basic Math 2. I skipped class for 2 extra lunches the first 10 classes/2 weeks. They found out (quick), and my counselor switched my schedule to give me 2 full hours of Basic Music - where I could play guitar for the last 2 hours of my day. The system IMO needs to be geared/tuned more-specifically to students' ambitions. I know that can be tough, but alternatively, removing obstacles is a much more dangerous route. Babying is the wrong approach. We need to breed contributing adults. I ended up in a great place by the time I was 25 despite being an academic failure. What does this have to do with Star Wars? Well, if Rian Johnson wasn't raised to be such a participation-trophy loser, maybe The Last Jedi wouldn't have been an abomination.
  3. You know what not winning a participation medal did to me in elementary school? It made me want to win a ing medal next year. I won nothing in 4th grade track races. In 5th grade? 2nd place. Kids will find that drive in one way or another. If it's not sports? Maybe it's art. Maybe it's science. Maybe it's academics. They need a drive to do something in life. They need a drive that will translate into contributing to society later in life.
  4. Un-woke drink Coke sink broke old folk snort coke egg white no yolk.
  5. I bold what I reference in the responses that I reply to. Dingus!
  6. Sorry not sorry - I can't grade a comic book based on seeing 1 corner.