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  1. I guess, not only is there a "slow down" in the mail, but USPS isn't even doing their ing jobs. I was home at 3:15 yesterday. They had 3 packages out for delivery. Checked the tracking numbers at 5:00. "4:52; No access to delivery location." Are you effing serious...? I was home. Ring the damn buzzer.
  2. It's probably 5.0 range. 0.5 grade lower than whatever it would be without writing.
  3. The "Volume" is the series. "Value" is supply/demand. ASM Vol. 1 #1 is in high-demand because it's his first self-titled comic. Is ASM Vol. 2 #1 of any value? It was printed in 1999. So, Idk.
  4. Wow, this is sad. RIP to Bob, and condolences to his family and friends.