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  1. so which is it with some of his pieces?...he's either giving his women too short arms, or too long torsos, or is it both?
  2. Wondering if the value of this will go down if DC ever shows Batman's 'erect' member. Thoughts?
  3. I disagree. I feel this is an important event, and am looking forward to this issue being knocked down a peg with first appearance of Batman's 'erect' johnson
  4. $200???!! Who gives a mess about Pitt anymore?
  5. I think this is the most significant Batman book since Detective 27
  6. 1st Full (Frontal) Appearance of Batman
  7. yeah there'll be a new "wedding issue" with a ton more variants
  8. Yes, a sketch on the cover would take it out of Mint
  9. People are really paying a premium on this book just because of Honey Badger, really??
  10. Depends. Yellow labels, Blue labels, that stuff only matters to the grading fanatic maniacs. To the average fan, signed is more desirable. I personally prefer signed as long as it doesn't interfere with the cover art. If it's a busy cover, I prefer unsigned.
  11. No, it's supposed to be a homage to MJ's first appearance. The outfit she's got on there as well as the bangs is her first appearance outfit and hairstyle
  12. Has anyone received their Batman 50's yet from Campbell Store? Wondering if they've shipped them and if so, when
  13. The new Fantastic Four 1 has a zillion variants, plus every Marvel comic that month has a FF variant, LOL
  14. Just go with CBCS. They verify sigs without needing to witness them
  15. So how does THAT work? Does the CGC flunkie stand in line with you??
  16. Well good for you then for not getting into retail/customer service. But guess what, they DID. They voluntarily signed on for it. No one forced them. I think you'd agree that anyone signing on to do a job should at the bare minimum, perform at least the basic functions well. BTW - the vibe I got from the girls was not one of being rude because they were burned out on dealing with rude customers. It was a vibe of "OMGEEEEE why are you so F'ing picky about tiny tears and dents???!!!" They're obviously not comic collectors themselves, and didn't possess or want to possess a basic understanding of comic collecting, grading, condition, etc. I should also mention it wasn't just one girl at one show. I've had this same experience multiple years at their booth at SDCC with different girls. Like I said though, the dudes at the table have always been great and understand the situation at hand.
  17. I cancelled mine also, and passed on the damaged copies at SDCC. Couldn't fork over $50 each for damaged books
  18. I tried to buy his virgin spider-man 800's at the show and all the ones they pulled out for me had torn corners, so I passed. The girls that work at his booth are really annoying btw. I asked to see more to find acceptable copies, but they said they will only let you check 2 copies, meaning if they hand you a damaged book they will only pull out one more for you to inspect, and they won't examine more themselves to find an undamaged one, they will just pull out that 2nd copy randomly. And they act annoyed if you find a defect, and want to see another one. However, I've had good luck with the guys working his booth. They're more accommodating and helpful when it comes to helping you get a nice copy.
  19. Yes it does damage the sticker. I was able to one off without damaging it once, but all others came apart