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  1. Vampirella #2 variants, via Instagram: Standard Variant (Trade Dress and Virgin?) Blood Moon Variant
  2. Awesome collection! I'm super envious of your 9.8 Batman/Danger Girl. Good for you.
  3. Two Batman pieces I commissioned from Ryan Benjamin.
  4. I hope everything works out with your family, Dre. Family comes first.
  5. Hey, thank you for that. I already pre-ordered a bunch of copies from an eBay vendor, but I appreciate the link.
  6. Hey, thank you for that. I found the book on Midtown and saw both "coming soon" (top of page) and "out of stock" (under recently viewed, bottom of page), so I wasn't sure what to make of that. I'll keep an eye on both options for now. Thanks again!
  7. Are there any reputable online stores still offering pre-orders of Campbell's blind bag? I'd like to try and pick up a few copies.
  8. Nice haul! I'm slowly trying to rebuild my Campbell collection. I sold off a lot of my bigger Danger Girl books a long time ago, including a Platinum logo Smoking Gun. Whoops.