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  1. If you press it, I can see this becoming a 9.6.
  2. Good point. It got downgraded because of the creases. If it's got a crease, it can't be a 9.4...the two don't belong together. Also, if you want to expect a's gotta' be perfect. No flaws of any kind....well maybe one...but that's all. I'm thinking the biggest issue with expecting 9.8's are the flaws you don't see.
  3. Okay, I was bound and determined to go in at 4.0...not matter, 4.0.
  4. I think one spine tick and maybe one or two only other minor flaws that I can't see = 9.6.
  5. I think you could squeeze a 9.4 out of this one. There's just not a lot wrong with it.
  6. Here's one I don't believe has been mentioned. Mine's got a tick on the spine...but I'll settle for a 9.6 anytime. . (1999) INHUMANS VOL 2 #5 1st Yelena Belova The New BLACK WIDOW! CGC 9.8 WP! | eBay
  7. Has all the markings of a 4.0
  8. Okay, I'll open it up at 8.0. However, I have no idea how the stain on the back would effect this. Stains aren't allowed in 8.0's, but it is on the back cover. 8.5 without the stain?
  9. When you're diving, you need to look for an accumulation of defects. I start at the spine...if there are NO might have a 9.8 but IMO finding one in a dollar bin is next to impossible. Then, look at the corners....if there are defects on's probably not a 9.8...but you might have a 9.6 if the defect in the corner is minor. If there are one or two ticks on the spine. it's probably no better than a long as there are no more than maybe a couple more minor defects. If there are, you may already be down to a 9.0. (Yeah, anything between 9.0 and 9.4 is kind of like a gre
  10. Okay, now I'm hoping the 8.5 I bought from Doug Sulipa a few years ago was under-graded. That is amazing.
  11. Ya' kinda' sounded just like Vader there...wondering if it was intentional?
  12. I often thought about that, there being more copies of Silver Age out there than Golden Age. Now, people don't care. They want it, they'll buy it. If they don't, someone else will. To that extent, the mind set now is different. The number of copies out there doesn't affect the price. What does is the desire to own it.
  13. I purchased a restored FF 1 several years ago when one could be had for $1800.00. Insofar as investment potential goes, it's going to cost someone in and around $11,000.00 to $12000.00 to get it now; based on what I see these sell for an e-bay. Even though they are restored, they do go up with the rest of them. I'm okay with it, because it looks nicer. I'm thinking people will come around.
  14. The last 8.5 sold for $4000.00 on ebay. That's quite a jump.
  15. Just my 2 cents but I've always believed best time to grade them is when you want to sell. If not, I kind of like the recommendation in the previous post.
  16. However, if this one goes???
  17. ...not quite.