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  1. There's also the angle on what you intend to do with the book. If for example, you plan on keeping it there is a certain amount of enjoyment in owning a book that looks nice after restoration. As far a recouping your losses, I did purchase an FF1 for $1800.00 maybe 5 years ago from Doug Sulipa. Extensive restoration done professionally with pieces missing. Looks like an 8.0 and I don't think I'll have any problems selling it should I want to for more at this time. Think about what you want and what makes you happy.
  2. I have in sold many over the years...and always regretted it. There was this one time when I simply needed the cash being "married with children". That was a good reason to sell. Have since purchased them all back. I will only sell if I need the cash. No other reason to me anyway, is good enough. Gone are Captain America 100, 2 copies of Incredible Hulk 181, Incredible Hulk 180, Giant Size X-Men 1 to name a few. Any wonder I have regrets? It's an awful feeling when you let them go for cash you don't need.
  3. You can get a lot of defects in a comic and still get a good. This however, may be a few too many. Even though this is in the wrong thread, I don't mind offering you a 1.0 - 1.5 range...IMO.
  4. Pilot is on this Tuesday (in Winnipeg anyway) on PIX at 7:00 and at 8:00 it's on CTV Sci Fi. If you're using your PVR the pilot is only 1 1/2 hours but there's a 1/2 hour show following the pilot you'll need to tape as well. And if that's not enough, it's also showing on KTLA.
  5. If you get to see Batwoman, Supergirl, Flash and Legends in Canada (I do), it will be on the same station.
  6. Sorry, it's obviously Spiderwoman 6 with Werewolf by night on the cover. I did say I was going by memory and it was a long long time ago. And, found this one in the early 80's.
  7. Okay, I have a story. Can't remember exactly when...sometime in the late '70s or early '80's...I walked into a Grocery Store in a small town I can't remember where. There was a spinner rack filled with older comics. I found about 5 or 6 copies of Werewolf by Night 6 which came out in the early '70's. Here's the thing...they were all cover price. So, I bought all 6. Figured I couldn't go wrong with a Spider Woman appearance on the cover. Filed them away and still have them. I'm going by memory but I'm thinking they were all in the 9.0 range. They kind of had the look of comics he had out years
  8. From what I can remember they didn't rename the Modern Age in 1980. They waited a few years kept using "Modern" to describe all the new comics coming out and simply decided to call some of the older stuff Copper at one point. And in an attempt to try to answer an earlier question, I seem to remember a similar thread to this in the '80's and someone on the forum came up with the name Copper....and it stuck. But admittedly, I'm not 100% certain on this. Maybe some of the members that have been around a long time can shed some light on this. I remember it happened right around the time Bugaboo s
  9. I have a raw copy I'd peg at around a 9.2/9.4. I can give you a 600 dpi scan of this book but I don't know how to put it on the forum. I can however email you a pdf if you want to PM me your email address. But, it's not CGC...not sure if it has to be. Let me know. Be glad to help out. I'm pretty sure you can drop in a pdf into your art program and do what you have to. If not, I can import it into Corel and export a Tiff if it's necessary.
  10. I bought a Fantastic Four #3 which had a bad spine roll probably very much like the one you have professionally pressed. Doug Sulipa sold it to me as a 4.0 and he's a tough grader. (If you're thinking you may get a 5.0 after a press...this may help)?
  11. Sure, I can easily vote for Ra's but...Catwoman already had several of her own series. That counts for a lot. So my vote is Catwoman!
  12. It's in a taped bag...What's not to like?
  13. More people were and still are Marvel collectors. If a comic isn't sitting in a collection with a backer and board, there's obviously a lot more wear and tear over the years.
  14. Your not alone. I have a complete set. Part of a huge purchase I made from a private collector about 15 tears ago.
  15. Exactly, Alice, Alice, Alice. What made "Gotham" so much better, they had some of the characters we were familiar with. I'm's Gotham. Where is the Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman for starters. I am 100% certain with some of the episodes involving these character; perhaps even in their semi-retirement years. It could be so much more interesting to see what they are up to while the bat's away. IMO opinion, the writers are hand cuffed, being forced to write about the same Harlequin wannabe week after week. I'm certain there must be some licensing issues involved here, as to the
  16. I kinda' like Werewolf by Night 32...but it really depends on how Moon Night is developed on screen. Popularity and demand chases what's on the screen. It can't be a one or two flash in the pan movies, or a season on NetFilx...he's going to have to be around for awhile. Another candidate would have to be Green Lantern 76. What that comic has going for it is not many copies available comparatively to 181. Not the first appearance of any character, but amazing art on a comic which at the time was not selling all that well.
  17. It disappeared right around the time we all started talking about the virus. My thinking is there were no longer any Silver Age doing well on e-bay any longer so no one had anything to report. Hoping I'm wrong, but hey...if anybody notices something...maybe we can get that thread going again? When it was alive, it most definitely was one of my personal favorites.
  18. Comics were all bagged from the start. Been awhile since this thread had posts on it and I thought now would be a good time to touch on how stacking my collection has affected the grades over all. There has been some damage to some of the comics at the bottoms of the pile. I was worried about some comics developing a slight vertical crease along the spine. This is caused by my not boarding them. I'm almost certain boarding the comics in my collection would have prevented this. If a comic at the bottom of the pile stuck out a tiny bit from the comic above it, the weight of the pile wo
  19. From what I can remember the Hulk stories were pretty repetitive. Many revolved around Ross throwing everything he had against him including infantry, tanks and whatever else was available. This was after all the days of the Hulk just wanting to be left alone. Every once in awhile, they would introduce characters like the Abomination or the Leader to change things up a bit, but with a character who can only punch his way out of a situation, I guess there's only so much you can do. Not saying I didn't enjoy reading them, but I do remember several other titles of that time offering so much more
  20. Yeah, as soon as I saw it I was thinking that art had a kind of Swamp Thing feel to it.
  21. Finally got to read my Conan run. It was purchased from a collection 15 years ago (which I'm still reading) and came across a strange double cover I've never seen before. The 2nd cover was actually a center spread. Got a little excited because with this cover being protected not only by a front cover, like most double covers, but it was also protected by 8 pages of storyline on either side. I checked it out, and sure enough, not one tick on the spine no creases, perfect in every way. And then I saw it. The lower right corner was ever so slightly blunted and the lower left corner had the same p