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  1. Prize #19: a copy of my latest book, an authorized biography of British actor Ralph Bates, for a prize. I'll personalize and sign it and ship it worldwide on my dime - donated by Cushing Fan
  2. Will onsite grading still be completed by end of show if the books are submitted Saturday morning? Trying to decide if the drive is worth it but would reconsider if my issues won't be finished in time.
  3. Here is what I keep talking about. More and more common. A 10k book is no joke to anyone.
  4. RIght, what I'm asking is he willing to take the extra 5 seconds to open the front cover and sign on the splash page rather than just on the front cover.
  5. Question to any board members with experience getting Byrne signatures in the past. Have you ever requested splash page signatures and if so, what is the general reaction? I'm more partial to them and would likely want to request this.
  6. Thank you! This makes sense. Now I know how to avoid quality issues...only submit 9.9+. Newton rings, hairs, random pieces of plastic...a thing of the past.
  7. I'm struggling to understand your resentment towards the issue. There are plenty of threads, and digging only stands to benefit everyone in the hobby.
  8. Yes, we wrote it here a few times in this thread and previous ones as well. I actually requested to volunteer and help through their registered site about 12 months ago. Number was a dead end and any "link" tried wasn't actually linked to any forward site.