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  1. If I may gather quick feedback. For those comics where there is a crack down the spine (picture attached), are these safe to put through pressing/cleaning? The cover itself has some light creases that could be pressed out easily, but not sure if that will further expose the cracked spine. I'm sure if I worked with someone that could tailor their pressing services to my needs, it would be a non-issue, but generally speaking ... will the comic be further damaged if put through standard pressing? Thank you!
  2. Yes. I submitted a Venom comic that was flawless and I knew it would grade at a 9.8. It came back with a grade of 9.6. After looking more closely, I noticed a spinal bend that was not there when I submitted. Fortunately, I had some pre-submission pictures as proof of the condition and CGC was kind enough to press out the bend at no charge. It came back at a 9.8.
  3. Yes, I would press without hesitation. Some of my earlier submissions came back with lower grading that could have been avoided, as it was due to regular minor wear. If you want to maximize grading, especially on your childhood keepsake, I would 100%.
  4. The waves and the crinkle in the back should be ironed out fairly nicely. But do note that QuickPress and Pre-Screening requires a minimum # of books. You can't just submit one book.
  5. Yes, I would say my worst case has almost a millimeter give on all sides. So as soon as you pick up the case, the inner well will slide around freely inside the case. The others ones aren't as bad, but it also slides on all sides ... not snug like the previous versions. The fact I've received multiple loose wells from multiple submissions leads me to believe it's by design ... but can't really say. Seems like many defects slip by QC.
  6. Was this done through CCS? or did you use someone else for this?
  7. I couldn't find a recent thread on this, so sorry if it's a duplicate. The last 4 submissions I got back in the new cases look great, with no newton ring effect. However, I noticed all of them (from different submission times), have loose inner wells. It literally rattles inside the casing. The comic itself is secure inside the well, but the well moves within the case. Some move more than others. When I compare to the older cases, the comics & well don't move at all. Is this a mechanical error/defect? or is this by design and we are to accept this? Thanks!
  8. I have a comic with a nice clean date stamp on it, but the comic itself could use a quick press to iron out the small finger creases. My question is whether there is a risk of the pressing impacting the date stamp itself. My fear is that it will bleed or smudge on the cover. If this is the case, then I will not press the book and likely keep it in it's raw state. Anyone with experience on this? Much appreciated!
  9. Moderator, can you kindly delete my post? I found my answer, people are using stock images to sell the true believer edition. So borderline fraud. Sorry for the wasted post. I'm a noob.
  10. This question is so elementary, that I felt it is most appropriate in the noob forum. But for the life of me I can't seem to tell the difference. Can someone share with me how you would know this ASM is a reprint? The cover looks identical to the original. People are selling these online and I don't know which ones are real or not.
  11. So after sending in through about 6 different batches over the past year and a half, my own personal wild theory is that it has to do with the hot summer weather once it leaves for transport after slabbing. What am I basing this on? I had a batch of 10 ship back in Dec ... all perfect, crystal clear. Another batch of 10 in early Spring come back perfectly clear, no signs of rings on any of them. Then my next three batches in the July, August months came back horrible! Littered with rings that you could hardly see the cover through all the puddling. Then I had another batch of 15 come back in Sept and all perfect, no signs of any rings at all. From what I can tell, all the cases from last Dec to now are all the same width and size, so difference in larger cases being used. I know this is not a scientific conclusion, but it's enough to sway me to only submit during times when I know I will get the books back in the Fall through to Spring. I will avoid the summer months completely. Who knows what happens to these mylars while it cooks in the hot courier planes and trucks.
  12. It was graded this past summer. It was actually re-holdered already by CGC due to Newton Rings, so I was more pre-occupied by the results of the rings and somehow just accepted the scratches as is. I ended up giving it away as a gift.
  13. Oh yes. I don't have a picture to show, but I had a Venom Lethal Protector where the cover is Foil/Holo, so scratches on a foil cover is normally quite common to see for those type of books. But the one I had was perfect with no scratches on it. Once it got slabbed you can see hairline scratch marks throughout, with one very large one across ... almost as if someone took a key to it. But the scratches were all from the inner well, but gave the illusion it was on the comic cover itself. It was disheartening to see.
  14. Thanks, Ditch. That makes total sense ... and now that I compare what they sent back to me ... the cases are in fact thicker. Which is a bit of a bummer for me, as I was hoping they could re-holder with better results in the same size case. I didn't necessarily want them sending me back thicker ones ... just getting bulkier. Especially if the rest of my collection is one size. And the more I look at it, the wedge is just as much of a distraction for me ... not a clean view. This is making me so sad ...
  15. CGC approved me sending back some books with bad NRs and I just received them back today. Rings are still there, but vastly improved. However, I noticed there is this plastic tab insert on the inside of the mylar/slab ... which I've never seen before and not present in any of my other CGC cases. Does anyone know what this is and whether it's related to their efforts to alleviate the NRs? It looks weird like someone's forgot to remove a tab ... but my greater concern is that the plastic tab will leave a lasting impression on the cover, damaging it. Anyone?