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  1. I am not an expert on the history, but have also heard ASM 238 CPV coming without the insert. My understanding is that CGC will treat this as a Qualified Grade. I've owned one with and without one, but have never submitted one without one to CGC. I have known of others who have inserted the FF#252 tattooz into the ASM 238 and have gotten away with a blue label. I don't support that, but know it does happen. If you have a nice copy, you will for sure end up causing more damage than good. I am curious myself, so will await others to respond, if any.
  2. If you can't get the notes, even taking a visual would help you decide. If there are non-color breaking creases and bends/stresses and other regular wear like finger bends, etc ... those are all things that a good press could help improve. I cracked an 8.5 book before and it came back as a 9.8. With that one, I knew the rest of the book was sharp with the exception of some cover creases. Good luck!
  3. Yes, I got another 10+ back myself this week and half of them are loose inside the case. I could throw a stink about it and send it back for reholder, but I just don't have the energy to go through the hassle ... so will just live with it. The book seems to be snug in the mylar itself, just the well is a bit jiggly inside the case. Shame.
  4. Fully agreed with pressing. Those non-color dents/bends impact the grade quite significantly. I've had ones in similar condition get bumped by as much as 1.0 full grade up. For future, unless the comic is in pristine condition, I would always get it pressed beforehand. It's too expensive to have to crack the slab open again and sometimes paying that extra $20 is worth getting it right the first time.
  5. I don't believe watchcount shows the actual offer price accepted ... only what it was originally listed for. eBay doesn't disclose the final agreed upon sale price, whether it's Best Offer or an internal Offer through Buy It Now. One of the things that eBay does to give the perception that market values are much higher than they actually are.
  6. Agreed. Did your "production" tears factor into the notes or grade? What did you end up with? Thanks.
  7. I have a pretty decent shaped Secret Wars 8 variant that I would love to send down for grading, except that it has this tiny tear on the top cover. I would guesstimate from previous experience (ignoring the tear) ... this comic sits in the 9.2 - 9.4 range. I just don't know how this tiny tear would impact the final grade. Does anyone else have a similar looking tear with grading to show for it? The only other one I sent in with a graded tear was about an inch rip in the back cover and came back at an 8.5. I've heard depending on whether the tear is subtle, it may or may not have a big impact. Thank you!
  8. It's hard to see from your pictures. As a general response though, I've seen comics slabbed where the comic can shift inside. I've also had slabbing done where the comic is snug, but the mylar plastic inside is loose. But in either scenario, the comic should still be somewhat protected, as long as the seller shipped it with decent packaging, bubbles, cardboard backing, etc. Ultimately, if you feel the item isn't as described in the original ad (if it's off ebay), you can still request for a return/refund ... even if the seller states no return. It doesn't matter, you have Buyer's Protection. Good luck!
  9. I'll quote myself from Page 7 below ... looks like it is true. Something to keep in mind for future signings. For this round, I marked "Gold Ink Please" for my Gold Spider-man ... but he ended up using a White marker??? Looks like white-out if you ask me. "I've had books signed by McFarlane in the past (not through CGC) and from what I'm told by the facilitator, Todd is notorious for signing in whatever ink color he feels in the moment and doesn't really pay any attention to requests for ink color preference. I sent my books in with an ask for Silver, but was told that on the actual day, midway through signing, Todd decided to switch and started using a blue Sharpie! My heart sank, as I think blue kills the look. Anyways, when I finally got my books back, I was relieved that mine made it in the silver batch. Facilitator told me I got lucky, as in the end no one can tell Todd what to do "
  10. I assume you are referring to Spider-Man 1 from 1990 and not Amazing Spider-Man. If so, did you send in the Silver regular edition or the Silver Poly-bagged version? Reason I ask is that the Poly-bagged version will leave an impression on the cover where the plastic is heat sealed. It's very subtle, but is enough to lower the grade. I had one myself that came back at a 8.5, but once I had it pressed it returned as a 9.8. Did you pay for a press? If it's none of the above, then you'll have to chalk it up to the experts. There are many factors both inside & cover of the book that plays into it. I doubt it has anything to do with a grader having a bad day. Would not spend the money to re-grade, as it will likely come back the same.
  11. 3 reasons why you should send in both back to CGC: 1) The key here is to get CGC to re-label and re-holder at no charge to you. The only way to do this is to email/call them and send in pictures showing the comparative error. Once they see the pics, they will send you a pre-paid return shipping label for you to send in. They will relabel/reholder and ship back at no charge. 2) If you decide to only disclose the 9.4 and keep the 9.8, then you have no good reason to return the 9.4 ... other than you disagree with their grading. This argument will never be supported by CGC for a free re-grade. If want to tack on another sig later, or want to re-grade/re-press ... that would be on your own dime. 3) As a collector, I would not feel good to know I have a sub-par book encased with the wrong grading. Doesn't make sense to me. If you plan to re-sell it to others as a 9.8, that's just plain fraud.
  12. I'm more cringing that he had 316 propped up on the sharpie pen ... yikes! Thought for sure he was going to sign the 300 right on top of the 316 and bend them both!
  13. I believe the insurance is for holding the books at their facility ... not for shipping purposes. "The declared value is used to insure a collectible while it is at CGC’s facility. In addition, in the extremely rare event that a collectible is lost or damaged while at CGC’s facility, the submitter will be compensated based on the collectible’s current Fair Market Value" "CGC does not provide insurance for comic books shipped from its facility to you. The carrier you choose may provide limited coverage. Due to the fragile nature of comic books, CGC urges you to investigate and secure proper means of insuring your comic books against damage in transit."
  14. For these types of bends, they are prime candidates for pressing. It should remove all of these creases so there's no impact to final grade. It's a shame to lose grades based on these minor imperfections ... especially when you can easily resolve it.
  15. Someone may have already answered this, but send the opened bag along with your submission so they know it came out of the bag. And only other advice I have for bagged submission, pressing is a non-negotiable. The comic may appear to be pristine, but where the poly bag seals together at the back will impress a vertical line in the back cover and drive your grading down. I sent one years ago that came back an 8.5 purely because of the seal impression. Later got it press and it returned a 9.8. Only caution I can offer. If you sent it in without pressing, I would try calling in on Monday and request CS to add that service in. Otherwise, you will be sorely disappointed.