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  1. Closed thread - Item no longer available.
  2. I recently purchased a CGC 9.6 graded comic from a seller, and was surprised to see the jagged edge on the back top cover. I assume this is from the factory and in production the cut wasn't as clean as it should be? Given the book is a 9.6 grade, is it safe to assume that CGC does not penalize for this type of production "defect"? Anyone have experience with something like this? Thanks.
  3. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I recently purchased a CGC 9.6 graded comic from a seller, and was surprised to see the jagged edge on the back top cover. I assume this is from the factory and in production the cut wasn't as clean as it should be? Given the book is a 9.6 grade, is it safe to assume that CGC does not penalize for this type of production "defect"? Thank you!
  4. Been in touch with John over the course of several months and have always been responsive to my inquiries ... which led to a very smooth exchange involving a sale of a variant that I hold dear to me. But knowing it will go to the right collector in a good "home" is all I can ask for. Thanks, John, for the business, but more importantly, for your passion!
  5. and hopefully they'll figure out the newton rings by then
  6. If that's a Weiner Bang ... then what's this heat sealed to one of my Spider-Man #1 Platinum books???
  7. You make a great point ... so very true. I do pull it out on bad days and no matter how many times I look at it, it brings this euphoria to me. Sometimes it's weird to think that none of my wife, kids, family or friends get it ... and it's just me and my comics. An unspoken relationship.
  8. Even if it's for home insurance/theft coverage purposes, it's recommended to catalogue everything with estimated values ... so if you need to make an insurance claim, you'll have it all. I've been starting to do this and it kinda kills two birds with one stone. I've actually been meaning to ask CGC if they have all of our historical submissions on their system that maybe we can get our hands on as proof of valuables for insurance purposes. Our submissions drops off after several months, but would be great to get a list of all submissions from the beginning of time ... similar to PSA where they
  9. Agreed ... now they are. And that's sort of my point that several years ago, there were far fewer in the open market. Now it's being flooded with them, even the CPVs ... as they're all coming out of the woodwork. So unless you've got a 9.8/9.9/10.0 ... I wouldn't really say they've got long term growth potential. But great books to read though!
  10. So very true. I guess I should have titled this thread as Succession Planning for your Comics ... I find this topic isn't discussed enough and with the seriousness it needs. Mismanagement could definitely kill off the spirit we are all trying to keep alive in the hobby. I am doing the exact same thing as you with the sticky notes. Great points!
  11. Death does tend to do that to people ... bummer wouldn't you say?
  12. I've been starting to think more and more lately about the future of my personal collection. I love collecting and have had majority of them since childhood over 40 years ago ... but I found myself asking what exactly are my plans? Is the goal to keep them until I die and pass them on to my kids who are less than interested in the hobby (and will likely sell at the first chance they get)? Or cash out now and at least crystalize some of the value before the hobby is snuffed out by the next generations (Gen Z and on)? Of course, these books hold a lot of sentimental value to me ... but I'm also
  13. Been collecting from childhood as well, with several copies of ASM 252, Thor 337, Secret Wars 8, etc. ... and in the more rare Canadian Price Variants. I've been dripping a few of these over the last 6 years in the open market and surprisingly I've consistently seen a steady drop in interest and in sale prices. For any of these to really buck the downward trends, they really need to be in NM/M condition. Even a 9.6 in these aren't as desirable for long term growth. For the ASM 298, 299, 300 ... I've also sold a handful of these over the years and they've pretty much plateaued in value. Even th
  14. First time on ComicLink Exchange and sent in my first bid offer to a seller. It was declined. So I sent in a second, higher, offer. This time I don’t hear back from the seller. But I see on the listed item the “Buy It” price and below that is my “Bid Price” in red numbers. My question is - what does that all mean and when exactly does this listing end? Does it mean the seller is keeping my bid price in to show other buyers what they need to bid over? Does my bid price sit there indefinitely or does the seller have to commit to selling it to me, if no other interests roll in. If so, is there a
  15. Just missing one more ... if anyone has a CPV in 9.6 grade. Thank you!
  16. I am not an expert on the history, but have also heard ASM 238 CPV coming without the insert. My understanding is that CGC will treat this as a Qualified Grade. I've owned one with and without one, but have never submitted one without one to CGC. I have known of others who have inserted the FF#252 tattooz into the ASM 238 and have gotten away with a blue label. I don't support that, but know it does happen. If you have a nice copy, you will for sure end up causing more damage than good. I am curious myself, so will await others to respond, if any.
  17. If you can't get the notes, even taking a visual would help you decide. If there are non-color breaking creases and bends/stresses and other regular wear like finger bends, etc ... those are all things that a good press could help improve. I cracked an 8.5 book before and it came back as a 9.8. With that one, I knew the rest of the book was sharp with the exception of some cover creases. Good luck!
  18. Yes, I got another 10+ back myself this week and half of them are loose inside the case. I could throw a stink about it and send it back for reholder, but I just don't have the energy to go through the hassle ... so will just live with it. The book seems to be snug in the mylar itself, just the well is a bit jiggly inside the case. Shame.
  19. Fully agreed with pressing. Those non-color dents/bends impact the grade quite significantly. I've had ones in similar condition get bumped by as much as 1.0 full grade up. For future, unless the comic is in pristine condition, I would always get it pressed beforehand. It's too expensive to have to crack the slab open again and sometimes paying that extra $20 is worth getting it right the first time.
  20. I don't believe watchcount shows the actual offer price accepted ... only what it was originally listed for. eBay doesn't disclose the final agreed upon sale price, whether it's Best Offer or an internal Offer through Buy It Now. One of the things that eBay does to give the perception that market values are much higher than they actually are.
  21. Agreed. Did your "production" tears factor into the notes or grade? What did you end up with? Thanks.