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  1. Just upgraded. So this one goes. Amazing Spider-Man #125 CGC 9.2 [Closed]
  2. Hey. Just 1 book for this thread. But first the rules. 1. No bad list people 2. First gets the book. If we agree to a deal via PM, will try to update immediately, but in case its taken in the thread at the same time. Timestamp will be used (with proof) as the tiebreaker. 3. Free priority shipping for this book (conus). International will pay first $15, you cover the rest. 4. Paypal preferred, but will accept checks or MO or other payment methods if that's your thing (just message me first please) 5. No returns on this slab. 6. Any questions or offers. Feel
  3. First, thank you to all who helped with grading my star wars #1. Going to bother you all again to take a look at the #42. Looks good, there is a small mark on the back left of the book (near the top left lego box on the bottom of the book). Not sure what it is Thanks again for your time
  4. Very cool. Yeah he's a great guy. Got a Teixeira spidey from him. Very excited to get it in.
  5. I'm part of this facebook group TSMB Fam And they recently had some sketch ops with Texeira and last week they were selling some of the extra and there was some Ghost Rider, you might want to message the admin or look through the older posts.