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  1. Ditto. Hopefully Jar Jar Abrams doesn't have a say in the next Superman film.
  2. I checked last night and episode 5 actually dropped before 9 pm EST last night. I guess it's to accommodate viewers ahead of us in North America.
  3. He mentions the $1 per book at the 1:12 mark.
  4. A Canuck buck a book ! At least he recouped some of the cost when he said the Overstreet Price Guides were already sold for $2K. It was cool to see a number 1.
  5. Hey, how about Ross Andru? A solid Spidey artist if there ever was one! I think he is like Jim Aparo, an underrated Batman artist.
  6. I bought an original art page from Tom Mandrake off eBay back in the early 00's. It was page 25 from Detective Comics annual #5. A really nice page with a full depiction of Batman and him interacting with Commissioner Gordon. Tom was nice enough to throw in a few trading cards he did the artwork on and he even autographed them!
  7. Really cool to have those subscription copies, especially the NM #87. I'd keep them in their state, even the NM #87. I had 2 subscriptions in the early 80's to Superman and DC Comics Presents. They just came in plain brown wrappers with my mailing address label on them. It would have been nice to have a polybag like your copies to protect from the elements. I don't think any issue would have ever graded above VF. Some arrived just horribly mangled. I was a kid, so the stories were more important than grade. Thankfully a local comic shop opened up nearby and I learned all about bagging and boarding my precious books!
  8. One thing I have always been curious about is the ratio of copies with a regular smooth cut right edge versus the manufacturing defect of the ragged right edge. I have 5 copies of the book myself. 2 were original copies I bought from my LCS in Canada and they both had the ragged edge. Of my other 3 copies, 1 has the ragged edge and 2 have a smooth cut edge. I remember going through the bins of local Toronto shops and at shows and not being able to find a smooth cut right edge. I bought 2 copies from the U.S. off eBay back in the early 2000's and I suspect those were the 2 with the smooth edges, but I can't remember. CGC doesn't detract for the defect since the 2 copies I bought from my LCS came back 9.8 and 9.6. What are other owners' experiences with the book? Did Canada get screwed with the manufacturing defect?
  9. 1. TOS #50 - Nice higher grade 12 center! 2. Amazing Spider-Man #101 - Since I don't own it. 3. GS X-Men #1 - Mine is a raw VG. So a 4.5 is a slight upgrade. 4. HOS #92 - I already have a CGC 5.5, but wouldn't mine adding another copy. 5. or 6. 1st Firelord or Killraven - I have no attachment to either character.
  10. There was a really good Swamp Thing TV series in 2019 produced by James Wan you can look up. Unfortunately it was done after 1 season, but that does not reflect the quality of the series which IMHO was very good.
  11. Probably want to add #102 to the list. It's the 2nd appearance of Morbius plus it has his origin. It's listed at $260 in the 2019/20 annual Overstreet. Only 100, 101, 121, 122, 129 and the price variants are higher between 100 to 200.
  12. I found an Overstreet's Comics Price Bulletin from Spring 1988 that I saved. Groo #29 wasn't broken out. It's grouped within #27-35 with a price of $1.20. The title was hot back then since all the issues had an "H" beside them.