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  1. Looking forward to these 2 guys meeting! Crossing my fingers for a scene with Welling, Hoechlin and Routh!
  2. I just finished The Boys this week and really enjoyed it ! I live in Toronto and didn't know they shot it here until I saw it. The base of the Vought building is Roy Thompson Hall and all the corporate party scenes wee shot inside it. You can also tell it's Toronto when you see streetcar tracks on the road. You could even see a streetcar drive by when Hughie and Starlighter were walking outside of a church. They did a good job of showing the good and bad of the "heroes" and I felt conflicted about hating or sympathising with a couple of them (Homelander excluded). I really felt bad for Butcher during that last scene. Also agree that Antony Starr is killing it as Homelander, even though I hate his character.
  3. I saw this story on the local news yesterday (story and video in the link below). In April the collector consigned his CBCS 9.8 ASM #129 to a store in Toronto to sell for $14,750, with the store getting 10% of the price. The sale was made to a US buyer in mid-June, but the collector hadn't received his money for awhile, so he sicced a TV consumer reported on the store to put on the pressure. The store said the funds were held up by Canada Revenue Agency since the buyer was from the US. The store eventually paid him the entire amount sans commission. Is the store's explanation plausible for the delay in sending the funds? Or was the collector too paranoid? What documentation should be drawn up when you do this type of deal to avoid any misunderstanding and shenanigans? It's funny they never mention the store's name. I wonder who it was . This reporter usually name the business that is behaving badly in the past reports I've seen.
  4. So sorry to see that happen to your books . It's most likely due to damage from shipping where the box might have been dropped. There's a thread about this (shaken comic syndrome):
  5. I did a quick Google check. Pattinson is 1.85 cm tall, or just over 6 feet tall. Compared to the other DC heroes, he would be shorter than both Jason Momoa at 6'4" and Zachary Levi at 6'3". He's taller than Ezra Miller who is 5'11". Gal Gadot is 5'10", but with heels on her boots, she would be at eye level with Pattinson or a little taller. Edit: Forgot to add that Henry Cavill is only 6'1". So he could look Supes right in the eyes. Also, Michael Keaton is only 5'9" and never had the full head of dreamy hair Pattinson could grow.
  6. My entry to the club signed by Stan Lee:
  7. Agree with RMA about Hobgoblin being a missed opportunity. The Green Goblin was long dead, Spider-Man had no real nemesis for awhile and suddenly this new villain arrives and has everybody going gaga over him. Who is the Hobgoblin was a huge storyline. Hobgoblin could have been the next great Spidey villain. It was so disappointing for him to be Ned Leeds and killed off so disappointingly.
  8. On the Darkhorse Presents #35, it looks like there's a color-breaking crease on the spine right at the "Heartbreakers" text.
  9. Here's my entry. Bought raw from Metropolis as a 2.5 GD+ back around 2001/2. This was my Marvel grail as Spidey is my favorite Marvel character.
  10. Here are my 2 entries. I bought the PLOD one raw when I was a student and was not happy when it came back as a PLOD. There was glue on the spine. That spurred me to upgrade and get the 2.0 graded blue label one. I'm considering submitting and having CGC remove the glue on the spine of the PLOD copy so maybe I'll get a blue label after all!
  11. Here are my 2 entries to the club. I've always liked the starburst price variant logo and was lucky to get these 2 back in the early '00's on ebay. The Conan #62 is a 9.6 old label in case the picture is not clear.
  12. Here's my entry to the club. Hal Jordan has always been a favourite of mine. He was always the "man without fear" before I heard about Matt Murdock. Then there were 2!
  13. I thought Will Smith was fine as Deadshot. It'll be interesting to see Elba's take on the character. Hopefully Gunn comes up with a better villain than the first film's villains.
  14. This is the only DC CW superhero show I still watch. It's fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. Unfortunately it's treated like the red-headed stepchild of DC's CW shows with having a shorter season than the other series. I think Arrow and The Flash could be served better with shorter seasons just to tighten up the storytelling so stuff doesn't drag on and on. It was such a grind trying to get through episodes of those series, that I just gave up midway through both this year.