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  1. Getting ready to buy my ticket but wondered if anyone knew what "Exclusive access to CGC pre-show sign ups" entails? It's under "The Collector" badge info, just wondered if it's worth it or not.
  2. I’m wondering the same. Given the NYC Con is this weekend and then Baltimore the weekend after this one (and looking at the current exhibitor/artist list) i’m afraid this is nothing more than a $600 photo op show. Unfortunately for the actual comic collectors I think Chicago is done until Parka season, aka C2E2 2020.
  3. GCG was never scheduled to be there. Check the Events section for their schedule.
  4. Last year for me here. Very disappointing. Yesterday I actually Walked around with earphones in. Not because I wanted to listen to music, just because I was tired of getting solicited for massage units, xfinity, radio stations, lasik, Verizon, etc.... It’s actually worse than Sams Club with the Directv people that chase you around the store.
  5. I would only purchase new windows at the show if I could get them graded...Any facilitators available?
  6. Just got my ticket yesterday so I'll be there, I got the 4 day. Is Thursday just a preview night?