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  1. Ha I forgot I already asked the first part. I’ll use standard but I still don’t know the best shipping. It seems priority would work for me. What is the max insurance they allow?
  2. This is the first time I’m submitting for grading. I have an excellent WD1. It should be no less than 9.6 but I can see no defect. I paid for the premium membership and I plan on submitting with a handful of other random comics. What tier do you recommend I send it with. I was thinking standard since I don’t know how it’ll grade. Also what shipping method do you recommend? USPS Priority with $2000 insurance or something else? thanks, cant wait to send and get this back.
  3. I have a book I want to submit on the std tier and then a few books I want to submit on the modern tier. Can I send them all in one box? Do they just send the return box separately, each tier in its own return box? thanks,
  4. I was fortunate to find a copy of Walking Dead #1 in one of my comic boxes. It's a high grade, I didn't even know I had it and I probably didn't even read it when I bought it. I must have bought it back in 2003 and totally forgot about it. Anyway since the value of this book is highly dependent on the grade and it could conceivably be greater than the $3000 limit for express, how should I submit this for grading? Is the only way to do a walk through? thanks,