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  1. Golden Age - Marvel Mystery, Tom Mix, Classic Comics, Fiction House and Crippen Pedigree
  2. Sdmeyer11

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    I was basing the post off the eBay timeline.
  3. Sdmeyer11

    Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Looks like Youngblood #2 featuring the 1st appearance of Prophet is heating up with the news of a potential movie.
  4. Sdmeyer11

    Another 15% coupon from E-Bay - Until 11PM PT

    I can't remember...can you add multiple 'Buy it Now' items to the cart and get the discount on all? Does that work even with best offers?
  5. Sdmeyer11

    Is grading strict currently?

    Really appreciate the input, always nice to get guidance from someone more experienced with this than I am. No doubt I need to get better at my own pre-screen...and the various lighting is a good idea that I'm not currently using. Appreciate the input.
  6. Sdmeyer11

    Is grading strict currently?

    I knew some of the 25 would not get 9.8s but I didn't really care because I just wanted them for my collection...or there was enough value in lower grades. A few others were tough 9.8s (ASM 301 and Web of Spider-Man 36). When I submit I always look at the worst case scenario for grades to decide what gets sent far it's worked out pretty well. I'll still come out way ahead with this shipment....but not quite as good as I hoped.
  7. Sdmeyer11

    Is grading strict currently?

    Granted, I'm new at this but with each shipment I get back I feel I understand CGC grading even less. I was 4 of 25 for 9.8s with the shipment (copper) I got back today....was hoping for maybe 10 of 25.
  8. Sdmeyer11

    What tier are the DC Masterpiece Editions in for grading?

    I have had three of these graded as Modern with no issues.
  9. Ahh...that's right. Couldn't remember who said that. Makes perfect sense to me...and it obviously stuck with me.
  10. No, I'm saying it's quicker for the book to get handed off from CCS to CGC (after pressing) than a 3rd party grader to CGC and there is less handling of the book from the time of press until it is graded.
  11. I've also heard the argument that when going with CCS there is less time from press to grading and one less time the book has to be packed, shipped and handled in general. Who knows, I'm trying multiple pressers...including taking a crack at it myself for basic presses. Anything too involved will go to the pros.
  12. Actually, I'm comparing a full press from an outside company with a Quick Press by CCS. I had much better luck with the Quick Press at CCS. I know apples and oranges...or maybe apples and Fords. I guess I was better off just saying I was very happy with the CCS Quick Press.
  13. Yep, as stated, I'm new and still learning the ropes. When I send a group of books to two different people that seem flawless (to me) I make the assumption that the batch with the better grades had better results from pressing. As I stated, I know it's not a fair comparison because they aren't the same books but as a beginner it was something to note. Thanks for helping out a new guy and providing constructive feedback to my post.
  14. I'm new to having books processed and graded but I'm trying different pressers to compare results. My first batch went to a company for pressing and then directly on to CGC and I received two 9.8s out of 15 books. My last batch I sent to CCS for a Quick Press and I received seven 9.8s. Now I know this isn't a completely fair comparison because they weren't the same books but that being said these were mostly all books I bought new in the 80s and immediately bagged and boarded so they were all of very similar quality. From what I can tell, if you follow the guidelines for a Quick Press and send books that just need to be freshened up then Quick Press does well. Wow, I guess I could have just said "I'm happy with the Quick Press".