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  1. current turn around rates at CGC

    Updates in Bold 15 Books CCS Quick Press & Modern Slow Track Invoiced CCS - 1/5/2018 Received CCS - 1/8/2018 Received CGC - 2/8/2018 Verified - 2/14/2018 Scheduled for Grading - 2/22/2018 Graded - QC - Shipped -
  2. current turn around rates at CGC

    15 Books CCS Quick Press & Modern Slow Track Invoiced CCS - 1/5/2018 Received CCS - 1/8/2018 Received CGC - 2/8/2018 Verified - 2/14/2018 Scheduled - Graded - QC - Shipped -
  3. Declared Value for CGC Submission

    I went through this same issue when I went to send in my first batch to CGC. If you have one, use an Overstreet guide to determine the price. Do not guess on what it would be worth slabbed. If you don't have Overstreet you can reference sales on eBay of raw books to get an idea of the value.
  4. Selling...Auction site vs Ebay?

    For those responding with ComicLink, do you sell all of your books on ComicLink or only those that are higher value and\or rare? I've just started selling and I've been strictly using eBay with no issues. I see ComicLink charges the same commission...should I be making the change for all sales?
  5. Why do you slab??

    You just made me feel normal....whatever normal is. Getting my first box of books back from CGC was like Christmas morning. Now, I didn't take a week to look at them all but I did randomly reach into the box with my head turned and slowly pull a book out one at a time to see how it graded. Absolutely loved the experience. I'm waiting for two more submissions now and the wait is KILLING me. Now as far as why I slab. Many reasons. My collection (about 3,000) books has been sitting in my basement mostly untouched for about 30yrs. I had a blast going through them all and seeing what had value (ASM 300 & New Mutants 87) and what didn't (anyone need 20 copies of Justice League Europe #1?). I decided to start submitting books with the hopes of making a few dollars. With each batch I'm including some books that I have no intention of selling because I can vividly remember buying them with my Dad (Hulk 181 & ASM 129) or I just love the cover(X-Men 263 & GI Joe #2). These books I'll display.
  6. ALL I DO IS WIN! Post your eBay wins here

    Just got paid plus maybe a few drinks to throw off judgement\loosen the purse strings.
  7. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Thank you!!
  8. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    Anyone else notice the recent sale prices for a CGC 9.8 X-Force 1 on eBay? Two sold for $250 and one for $175. Anomaly?..or I guess I should say anomalies?
  9. THE HULK #181 CLUB

    I've been in the club (owned for about 30yrs) but just now had it graded...apparently I picked the right time to have it graded.
  10. 'm going through the same process now and can agree with most of what has been said already. I researched the heck out of each book on eBay. My advice, don't just look at past sales. Also look at how many are currently for sale, if there is a ton of inventory you may have to sit on the book for a while if you plan to sell. I just received my first back batch from CGC and the grading can be a head scratcher. A book that came back a 9.4 looks better (to me) than a few that came back 9.6 and 9.8. Obviously I'm not an expert grader. Overall I'm enjoying the process of digging through comics that have been sitting for 30+ years.
  11. I was wondering the exact same thing. Is this something new??..or have they done it for other books?
  12. That's a great question and I never thought about the time from pressing to grading. Not to mention skipping the step of packaging and shipping which could (but obviously shouldn't) cause damage too. My main hang up with CCS is the processing time but if it means a few books get higher grades it's worth the wait.
  13. So, the grade is in and this one turned out to be special. If anyone saw it on Facebook, this copy turned out to be the 10,000th Hulk 181 graded by CGC. I sent it out for a press (3rd party) and then off to grading. If you saw the Facebook post about this book it came back as an 8.0. After they made the Facebook post I was contacted and told the graders thought a press would help (even though I had it pressed) and they offered to press and regrade which I kindly accepted the offer. Well, the book came back as an 8.5 after re-pressing. I can't say enough about this experience with CGC, they were great to work with. Thank you to Brittany and everyone at CGC.
  14. Fiction House Jumbo Comics 26 CGC 6.5 - Lower Price Wings Comics 30 CGC 8.0 - Lower Price Bronze, Copper & Modern Amazing Spider-Man 111 CGC 8.0 Amazing Spider-Man 112 CGC 6.5 Amazing Spider-Man 152 CGC 9.0 Spider-Man 26 CGC 9.8 - SOLD Batman 614 CGC 9.8 - SOLD Sub-Mariner 44 CGC 9.2 - SOLD All Star Comics 58 CGC 9.0 -SOLD All Star Comics 65 PGX 9.4 Adventure Comics 433 CGC 9.4 Saga of the Swamp Thing 32 CGC 9.4 Thanks for looking.