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  1. Album Gigante #7 November 1949. Classic damsel in distress cover. Amazing GGA throughout. Lingerie panels. Decapitation panel. It has it all. Cover is barely habging on by a paper flap so call it detached. Has similair insect holes throughout but does not vusually effect the book. Very rare. Estimated grade good/very good but presents much better. Asking $300 USD.
  2. O Heroi #8 February 1948. Awesome Sheena GGA cover and GGA throughout. Bondage panels. Hypo panels. Headlights everywhere. Comic is complete but missing staples (again this is fairly common on books from this region). Very rare. Earimated grade fair/good. Asking $100 USD
  3. Album Gigante #10 February 1950. Another awesome GGA Jungle cover with GGA throughout. Presents much better than technical grade. Cover is detached. Staples present but rusted. CF is attached. Nice paper quality. Does have small bug holes through book. Does not effect aesthetic value but does hurt grade. Super rare comic. Estimated grade good maybe good/very good. Asking $200 USD
  4. Album Gigante #2 June 1949. Features 4 Sheena jungle stories. Awesome GGA throughout. This copy is in amazing shape. No restoration staples still attached with minor rust. You really do not find these in this condition. Very rare. Estimated grade fine or better. Asking $400 USD
  5. Album Gigante #4 featuring a awesome GGA Headlights cover and GGA throughout. Interior is B&W. Dates from August 1949. This book is complete but does have resto ( spine reinforced with glue and possibly some ct). Restoration us fairly common on books from this region as it is not frowned upon as it is here in the states. It does have original staples however. Fantastic cover and incredibly rare. Asking $200 USD
  6. A Pantera #1 jungle GGA headlights cover. Not dated but most likely circa 1950 ish. Comic is unrestored with staples loosly attached but rusty. CF detached at1 staple. Overall grade estimated good. Books from this region are commonly missing the staples and/or have rusty staples due to climate. Asking $200 USD
  7. Selling off some extremely rare Brazilian editions. If you collect these you know just how rare they are. Some you may never see another copy. I will describe to the best of my abilities. Shipping on these raw books will be flat rate $8 priority mail. Payments can be made via Paypal goods and services. Will consider offers but a unconditional reigns supreme. I will answer any questions as soon as possible. 30 day return policy if not described accurately.
  8. Famous Funnies #215 Classic Frazetta cover CGC 2.5 C-1 minor CT. Not much as I thought it was all removed. Tough book. $350
  9. Shipping $15 for graded books Open to offers via PM but unconditional "I will take it" reigns supreme. 30 day returns on CGC books Payments made by PayPal goods and services. Blue Beetle #46 classic GGA Bondage cover freshly graded GGC 4.0 OW pages. Kaman art. $550