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  1. Avoid coasttocoastcomics(aka Frank Simmons) like the plague. This guy is using his title as Overstreet advisor to scan people. He will put a picture of a comic up for bidding on Ebay then when a person contacts him about more details on the book he will use different ways to get your email. He then emails you with an offer and completes the transaction outside of Ebay. He's been doing this for years using different names, but his most recent Ebay seller is coasttocoastcomics.
  2. Avoid coasttocoastcomics(aka Detective Comics, aka Frank Simmons, aka Thomas Concannon). This guy sold me a trimmed Iron Man 1. I started tracking his auctions on Ebay and he posts pictures of the same exact book every time, auctions it and then sends a restored book. For some reason Ebay refuses to block him from doing business despite a long history of doing this. Are there any other threads/sites to help inform comic collectors about this scheister?
  3. What is the best site for selling higher grade books?
  4. I bought a "high grade" ASM 129 that was advertised as a 9.4-9.6. After receiving it from BEATLEBLUECAT it was a 9.0 at best. They didn't honor the return policy and Ebay had to get involved. I would avoid them like the plague.
  5. Looking for a some gifts. I am looking for New Gods V1(1971) books. We're trying to put together a collection for our son when he gets older. We are looking for issues 5,6,9 or 10 in either CGC graded 9.8 or equivalent ungraded. I know prices are going up with the movie release and they might be somewhat difficult to fill the gaps in, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks