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  1. GSX 9.8 auctioned on Heritage 15k This suckers on the move‼ 🚀⚡
  2. Variables and more variables involved. Heck once upon a time there was a poster going GA GA over a Green Lantern with a green/yellow qualified signature series label. Imagine the reaction to that markup
  3. The OP would be right in the case something commonly available being egregiously priced yes but I don't think that happens all too often here. The thing is not everything is either truly "rare" or widely available with 10+ copies on Ebay. You could have a situation where an SS book is listed here while others in same grade are on Ebay but maybe the signature here is more appealing than the ones on Ebay? There are high grade books mostly silver bronze that fall in some in between zone. You may have an example of a 9.8 bronze age book with a census of ~40 in that grade and only a few listings on Ebay. The one listed here may have better eye appeal than those on Ebay or PQ so the discount you desire may not apply especially if that particular book is chronically miswraped. Then there are speculation books which the seller may have a legitimate reason not to apply a discount. So it's not always so cut & dry
  4. We'll see if they get into garbage pail kids? The values would definitely merit grading. I think maybe if cgc verified signatures on marvel cards those could take off? If funds were unlimited I'd go right into graded garbage pail and sealed packs
  5. Yes thanks! The other labels were under the filters tab. I'd never noticed that before because they were always included until now. Thanks for the tip man!
  6. Anybody have any idea what happened? All the yellow labels suddenly went poof on GPA??? The books with unverified sigs with blue labels are still there but no yellow labels or anything else for that matter other than universal blue labels. No green or purples either. The pedigrees are still there however
  7. I know nothing of those books but judging by your max bid vs winning bid, you might have to settle for some 9.2s At least 2 guys out there that like the aardvark more than you do. Small but committed fanbase for the aardvark! Low budget publisher low print runs so make your own conclusion
  8. Thats insane man! Have you posted these before? I don't think I remember you having a HG 14
  9. Hmmnn...i don't know that you'll see too many 9.9 bronze . I've posted a slew of these throughout. These are the scans I happen to have at the moment of somewhat recent postings. The X is an oooold scan
  10. In the interest of digging this out of page 2 I'll contribute a couple of 94 classics
  11. I suppose by the 60's some were making googly eyes at Action 1 and Tec 27 so it occurred to them this new spider-man fella as goofy as it probly looked back then could have some potential. Same for FF, Hulk, X-men There was a popular "Pow Bang Kaboom" Batman show that premiered in ~65 after all and that Superman 50's show