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  1. MGsimba77

    Bill Maher on comics and Stan.

    Bill is not unlike many others who just have a shallow dismissive view of comics. I think they confuse them with cartoons or traditional newspaper comic strips. They might change their tune if just bothered to give these stories & characters a chance
  2. MGsimba77

    Bill Maher on comics and Stan.

    1. Maher is no stranger to being a D-bag every now & then 2. Ironic that the guy he's accused of criticizing here would probably have a good deal in common in terms of political leanings. 3. In before the🔒!
  3. MGsimba77

    Ross Andru's Amazing Spider-Man Club

    Is it raw or graded?
  4. MGsimba77

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Take a look at GPA. That's actually a bit more separation than 9.4-9.2, more than 9.2-9.0...9.0-8.5 & so on... they're more or less clustered together other than 9.8 which is far & away highest
  5. MGsimba77

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    This 9.6 went for 14400 today. Curious why the auction dates on the Heritage listing indicated Thursday Nov 15 to Saturday Nov 17 if it was going to end today? Seems a little confusing! There was another 9.6 on eBay recently went for ~14000 but to no one's surprise was relisted. Any 181 that "sells" on eBay is suspect as far as I'm concerned
  6. MGsimba77

    Stan Lee RIP

    Ughh... thanks for this! Stan wasn't having it with these racist demagogues. He had a social conscience. Loved this man so much!!!
  7. MGsimba77

    Stan Lee RIP

    Yeah it's no accident I just sold a Stan signed book an hour ago on the Bay for a GPA high even though it had a best offer option. They will be flying off the shelves! Rip to the George Washington of the comic book industry!!!
  8. MGsimba77

    Lone Star Comics ( is robbing me! Need advice!

    Since I hate starting threads I'll just suggest someone else start a positive MCS one to offset this one I recently posted 2 books that would have been infinitely more difficult to purchase without MCS's patience and payment method flexibility. Can't say enough good things about these guys!!! Always fair pricing too.
  9. MGsimba77

    Can you tell me who this is?

    Jack Kirby
  10. You can send books to CGC for restoration screening? Did not know. I'd just wonder what chance there would be they miss it?
  11. MGsimba77

    This week in your collection?

    The shipping box looked like it had a really tough go aside from being delivered late. Thankfully the shipper did a solid job packing it. USPS sucks!!! The back cover is just the typical 70's Evel Knievel ad. I added a couple of keychain nik naks
  12. MGsimba77

    BAMF! Where’d tha thread go?

    Speaking of which I thought I saw a comic wall art/decor thread once? I'd use the search engine here but I'd rather avoid the frustrations as it's worthless!
  13. MGsimba77

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Well I'm in my mid 30's so anything older than me I'd consider old but I guess "old" is relative. Anyhow your point on eye appeal is fair. I'd agree with you on cream pages but not on taking lower grade due to centering.