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  1. This week in your collection?

    Reprint with 180, 181 pages
  2. I just don't what to say about these prices

    The FU algorithm
  3. I just don't what to say about these prices

    A raw ASM 332 signed by Stan for the low low price of 800 buckaroos!!! Nevermind that the cover features a character he had no involvement in!
  4. Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Yeah but it's our fantasy & we're trying to stay positive
  5. Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    It would be interesting to see how they'd create Wendigo!
  6. Wtb, ASM #80 9.6

    ASM #80 9.6. well centered. PayPal only, no probation please. Please show pictures front back.
  7. Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Why wasn't there a whole sale valuation drop from '07 to around '10? There was talk of massive bank runs in 08. Why no drop in 08 09? This correlation claim is dubious.
  8. Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Ok with the exception of you. I would imagine most comic collectors are not retired folk depending on stocks (which just had a market correction BTW) & a 401k.
  9. Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    You really think there's a correlation? You really think someone willing to spend 1000 dollars on a comic book is going to be swayed by stock market performance? The economy started to tank in 2007 comic values at least for major titles didn't start to decrease til maybe ~2011 or so. They remained high even in 08, 09 when things were totally off a cliff! Personally I think the general economy or stock market have very little impact on the hobby. The collecting population is too small to be affected by macro trends. Hugh Jackman in "Logan" & the fox Disney deal probably has a ton more to do with it than anything else
  10. Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    If they ever put hulk v wolverine on the big screen this thing will be the Mount St. Helens of comic books!!!🌋🌋🌋
  11. Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Well I just discovered this thread. Already posted these in the (this week) thread but here they are
  12. This week in your collection?

    It'll probably fit in either one
  13. Ebay: comicmylars???

    He has like 3 copies of ASM #1 (GRR) CGC in high grade. There's only 16 in the census. How the hell does that happen?