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  1. Probably right. That's a tough signature book. Considering Stan's habit of sig placement it could have gone terribly wrong
  2. That one would look even cooler if the non Adams signature was in yellow marker
  3. Hey if its gonna happen may as well be on that one! It could of had a coupon missing resulting in a green I say glass half full!
  4. Nothing at all special here just came across this while digging through a door. I remember getting this at my local Barnes & Noble in 2000. Still there btw. I thought these pages may be interesting to share
  5. I reached out to Stephen Vrattos, the author of the article above and shared our thread with him. I asked him about the house from ASM 138 and if he had anymore clarification. Alas, he did not have a lot of additional information. He did say Ross was long gone from the offices when he got there. He was appreciative of me sharing the thread. From the article "The owner of the house threatened to sue Marvel because spider-man fans kept appearing at his home looking for Mindworm" Hey at least you were able to get in touch! I thought it was torn down?
  6. I don't know that they deserve too much grief. How easy to come by was golden age stuff even in the mid 70's? Probably cheaper for them to use whatever someone had lying around
  7. Is that the copy that was in the Pedigree auction? I was keeping my eye on that one. Had it been a WP I think I'd of gone all in on that.
  8. I happened to see that Mash episode the OP mentioned just the other day. There's several episodes showing Radar reading a comic book. Usually they don't show the cover just the pages. I just saw the one where Radar gets wounded in a mortar explosion and gets surgery. After the surgery he's lying on the bed with what appeared to be a spidey book but couldn't quite make it out in the pages they showed. Any Mash fans here happen to know by any chance
  9. Agreed Geez just let fans of the character enjoy the hobby. Quit being a stick in the mud!
  10. What do these particular copies look like? Is the 300 a newsstand with an appealing signature?
  11. Thanks buddy I knew you'd be on that! That's another one you've noted Andru work from! Count yourself lucky for meeting the master No I bought it from long standing boardie "RockMyAmadeus". He got it signed through his facilitator. I wanted the Conway on this because of the Gwen thing. His idea
  12. I think y'all know what that elevator panel is Sorry about the Spanish...couldn't find another one. Still cool artwork
  13. Courtesy of @RockMyAmadeus Thank you sir! Hopefully you can read Spanish otherwise its still a cool panel!