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  1. So maybe this thread could use a bump. This is courtesy of boardie "vintage comics"👍 who's a great seller!
  2. Second highest. It went for over 8300 in 2007 but that was a wild outlier. After that the highest was ~7100 I think a couple years later .
  3. For some reason I can't link it on my phone so here's a screen. You should be able to see it on the previously sold list if you use the search engine.
  4. X94 in 9.6 just auctioned on Heritage for some insane 💵💵💲! These auctions of late have been going for some crazy high numbers for most major high grade titles and it seems to be on HA and Ebay. This is just an anecdotal view from what I've seen on these two sites I don't know about anywhere else.
  5. It's a contemporary Vietnam story. I love those storylines involving real time events. You're absolutely right. Early bronze was a key time for him. Do you have a raw 106? Its like a da Vinci for comics. One of those panels with spidey claiming the wall was the corner circle sketch on M Tales.
  6. If you're looking to get a low grade then yellow covers are your best bet. The yellow obscures wear & tear more than others. I think last I checked 129s in low grade are well within reach.
  7. Romita at his very best! Just from observation and its been mentioned here before, there was a point in time between '71 and 73 where he reached this superhuman beastmode level of artwork. I mean on another level off the charts! I'm thinking ASM 106 107 immediately come to mind. And his inking on the Kane issues particularly #96 is just bonkers! The last splash page of 96
  8. Ive seen a couple of X-men 104 with this effect especially on the back cover. Same with my slabbed copy. It only shows a little bit from scans however. You have to see it in person. Aside from 194 I don't know of anymore bronze ASMs that have this? I've seen several silvers with the see through but not too many bronze. Check that: ASM 146 has some of it.
  9. 9.8s in particular had a big runup ~ 2005 (while every other grade was mostly flat) due to movie hype if memory serves. After that it came way down starring in 2008 hitting a low ~2011. It then started to steadily increase since then. This year its skyrocketed passed previous highs from the last few sales. If current trend continues those 10 year %s for 9.8 will look much better.
  10. If there's not a significant difference in pricing and you could afford the markup then 9.2 would be my preference. Have you scoured the market for 9.2 whites? I think there's several available at any given time so there could be another reasonable priced copy you may like. I would prefer the highest grade I could afford on such a major key. As for PQ I have a particular OCD that prevents me from having more non WP than WP for any given year. I wish I could get rid of it. For example right now I have an even 3-3 PQ split on 1972 books. So if I add another non WP it may result in some emotional upheaval that I may not get under control ...Obviously exaggerating but not completely.
  11. I don't know that anyone is "coming up with" ratios. The ratios are there at any given time determined by available supply. At least the ratios that I'm referring to. I'm not aware of anyone claiming a major comic beatdown the moment it touches the rack? Much likelier they got dinged at the corners enough to still be in the 9s if on the rack long enough for perusing. Ebay Clink Hakes or whatever. Anywhere.
  12. He spells out the caveats and goes over them in detail. Obviously the census is not perfect and is very small sample size but its still a real data point that tells a similar story to the strong anecdotal evidence of available 9.8 barcodes anywhere sold. If someone were to believe your theory of parity then how do you square such a wide ratio between certified 9.8 or even 9.6 barcodes to direct editions from mid 80s to early 90s. How do you square it with a census (imperfect as it is) telling the same story? Wouldn't there be more of a split? Don't you think its a bit odd? Every piece of evidence be it verified or anecdotal points in the same direction. I mean sure if this changes drastically I'm more than happy to change my tune! I'll go wherever the evidence points and right now it points to coppers of a certain timeframe in top grade merit a premium. Go to any of your favorite sites that sell comics and tell me how many 9.8 Mcfarlane ASMs with barcodes compared to without. Maybe even check 9.6 for that matter. What do you find? How many Batman 423? Hulk 340? So as of now Lazyboy I'll stick to the available evidence as a guide.
  13. What are you talking about? He's showing census information. Even if he wasn't why would your word be any more credible? Oh and the eye rolls .