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  1. I think the graders just got lazy. Or the label makers, if that's a role  Here's another MT I sent in for grading posted before. I don't think they notate any information on reprints. They should though. I also have #44 which reprints ASM 61 and they just notated "John Romita cover"
  2. MT 44 is sick! That spidey sketch has lived on There's another one slightly older red cover with doc Ock that I love too
  3. Three more crossers. All came back same grade, PQ. BTW when you hear them say at CGC that non color breaking spine ticks or slightly blunted corners can be pressed out don't believe them. I've had a few with those defects pressed with CGC and they all came back exactly the same.
  4. Hey @Kevlar thanks for the backing board solution to address Newtown rings. Just curious would there be any way to avoid the scratch marks on the inside of the slab being reported by people trying this method? Also how could we avoid the rings coming back like I think a couple of people reported?
  5. One of those that are just so awesome they speak for themselves I guess Actually the cbcs label had a a bunch of information on it including the full page ad it has for vampire tales I think. That's what I liked about the other guys I actually like this original one better just for the simplicity. Also because it's older and he looks tini tinier here when Mysterio makes him think he's been miniaturized in a tiny little amusement park
  6. This is one of my favorite SA covers. The splash page on this is 👍!!! I have have mine currently being reholdered because it was in one of those slabs from 2017 that didn't have the inner seal & had a bunch of small Newtown rings along the side of the slab by the spine. They were obscuring the color of the corner box a bit which was driving me crazy!
  7. There are none but if there was it'll likely be a 9.9 not 10. I'm not even sure there are any bronze age 10s in existence? I'd Imagine it would be only slightly lower than the IH 181 9.9 market value today. I'd guess somewhere between 100k - 200k but hey that's just a wild guess. Couldn't even wrap my head around what a 10 would be on the market???
  8. Yeah they had Batman on every Saturday at a certain time forever until they inexplicably changed it to way late then changed it again & again...ughh! Should of just left it alone in it's 7pm timeslot on Saturday.
  9. oh yeah Im a big MeTV fan, and have been watching Collectors call. Just an awesome show. Little off topic but i watch them as well. Their daytime programming has taken a major nosedive however. It's mostly westerns now. They used to do Kojak, streets of San Francisco, Barnaby Jones, Cannon and alike. Sometimes even Hogan's heroes if I recall. Now it's just brutal with these dreadfully boring westerns! I mean "Wagon train"... really?...who watches that?! They're better with nighttime stuff but unwatchable before that
  10. In case anyone has the classic TV channel "MeTV" they have a show every Sunday night at 10 pm eastern time called collector's call with "Blair" from the Facts of Life as host. Heads up they're doing an episode on comics this week. Here's the link in case anyone's interested
  11. @RockMyAmadeus Favourites from your list. Perfect placements! How many SS books do you have?
  12. Crossover from cbcs. Same grade/PQ. Very disappointed in this one. Thought it had a good shot at upgrade. Turns out it has a teeny tiny amount of staple rust on one staple that I didn't even think was rust. Otherwise it looks sharper overall than majority of 9.8s I have. Oh well just goes to show you they hammer anything deemed as staple rust. It's reprint of ASM 67 BTW