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  1. Mostly filed away. Sometimes when I have free time I lay out 3 slabs over a white towel on the bed next to where I'm sitting so I could just look over and stare. I let the awesomeness of them wash over me like a cool breeze. So I try and find any 3 within a recent time span of each other put them in order from left to right. This is obviously just 2 but something along these lines with an issue published after #67 on the right of it. Other than that, taking snapshots and sharing/comparing notes with the community is always a blast!
  2. With yellow labels I think the quality of the signature overcomes the grade most of the time. That's a high quality sig!
  3. So finally replaced this after putting it off and off...and off. I felt I couldn't wait much longer. Trilogy complete again
  4. Was this recently? If he had a case of them I assume he knew what he had and was into comics?
  5. I've given up on finding a 181 yellow with just a Wein and Trimpe signature. Never seen one.
  6. Yeah I've seen this particular seller do that on occasion.
  7. Wait a minute, you mean you got a registered mail package in a timely manner??? Seriously? I've sent and received registered mail a number of times and every time it was a maddening slow walk that took forever. The last time it spent a week at the recipients local post office. I had to call them because they had it locked away and apparently forgot it was there. Even receiving registered mail from Sarasota to Miami it's been a headache!
  8. Was that the Clink auction copy? This issue doesn't come up every day!
  9. Yeah that's not the best looking copy ever but CC hasn't been doing too hot with auctions. I don't know why they have a buyers premium for some lots and not others? They should never have changed their website.
  10. Possibly yes. It doesn't sell often in top 2 grades since there's not too many around. I think 9.4s will see a sizable increase. Look at the copy on Clink exchange.
  11. Yeah it's a balancing act really. Spine vs banner vs PQ...marvel introduced a whole new set of complications for us OCD types with that banner in the bronze age I think both of those 9.2s on Clink are spectacular! They both have very acceptable eye appeal. I'd take either one in a second!
  12. Imo it looks better than the 9.2 they have up for auction next. There's the pages and the marvel comics banner is lower and a tad more aligned than the auction one. Some people like the banner to be low enough to see enough yellow and webbing on the top edge. The centering is way better than so many of these copies out there. This book is chronically under wrapped or over wrapped or the marvel banner is touching the top edge or this or that or....... If you look at the front bottom right corner of the auction copy it either looks like overhang or a very small chip? But hey it's all