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  1. In 1899 motion pictures were just getting underway, Teddy Roosevelt wasn't even president yet there were 45 states the Spanish American war just ended. Reminds me of a friend of my dad's who we visited when I was a kid. Dude literally had a walk in sized closet full of civil war memorabilia including paper and coin currency, flags, uniforms a few swords all kinds of stuff Another question besides the first ever graded is oldest ever graded by cgc?
  2. I suppose maybe the last page of asm 39 and obviously last page of Hulk 180 but who wouldn't jump on that if they had John D Rockefeller money? Edit: cover of Journey into mystery 89 as well if it even exists
  3. You happen to know when these were taken? Top looks like a 70's polaroid
  4. This is the only way I bid. Great looking copy btw. I've seen auctions on Ebay go from ~300 to way over 1000 in literally the last second. Can't be unexpected. On the other hand there's auctions on pedigree that go into like 5 or 6 sessions of extended bidding. Just nature of the beast
  5. They dont show best offers accepted on Ebay instead just list the asking price as what it sold for. They seem to only show data from Ebay Heritage and comic connect. The website doesn't seem to be very professional but then again it is free. They do show a small scan of the sold books from comicconnect so that's a positive. Cconnect doesn't show their past sales like other sites do
  6. Nothing compares to GPA. Its worth the cost! If you're interested in selling or buying high priced silver bronze GPA is essential. Ebay sold listings only go so far back and they don't show best offers accepted.
  7. Bill Bixby = the perfect David Banner in every way! It was an amazing show especially the first two episodes! Morbius is another noteworthy character symbolizing the end of silvery puritanism
  9. You mean Leto not Leno. If Leno played Morbius every ASM 101 owner would volunteer to be to have their blood drained! 😱
  10. You know I remember as a kid when I kept seeing my cousin's copy of X-94 I thought count Nefaria was the guy who played superintendent on the show "One day at a time"